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2week baby,breastfeeding and CANT stop eating ......

You should wait til 6 weeks at least to diet properly, your body is recovering, and you are jus building your milk supply. Give yourself a break and enjoy your baby, get yourself into a nice routine with LO and your getting a bit more sleep and then think about losing weight!
At the moment your body will be running on empty, trying to recover from pregnancy, get itself back to normal and be running on less sleep and making milk for LO! Your hormones will be all over the place too so of course your hungry!
Don't let trying to lose weight stress you out and worry you, just enjoy your baby and take it slowly xxx


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Congratulations Febbabe, wot have you called ur new baby :) I didnt start dieting till Hollie was 5 wks, the first few wks I cud only eat chocolate I really cudnt face food so just give urself bit time to get back to normal and your probably lose weight just by breastfeeding. When you do feel ready there's a slimming world and breastfeeding thread, all the ladies on there are really lovely and helpful xx
Thanx caz for link.hollie ann we called our girl.shes great.a little star.i never lose weight while bfeedin as always hungry and eat wrong food .but want to do it right ths time
I could never really stick to sw while bf or in pregnancy I like my chocolate too much! im doing ww at the moment find it easier as your not restricted on the types of food but I try and eat the same foods on the sw plan, find it helps writing a diary. Do you get a lot of hex's while b/f so it should make it a bit easier to stick to plan and try filling up on the free foods and save your syns for treats x
I love chocolate and anything thats bad for me.im allowed 5 healthy extras a day but 3/4 of them shud b from he A .i love my bread so need to cut back on that.once i get into it il b fine

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