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3 Bars, 1 V. Large Kebab, 1 Tetra, Lots of Pepsi Max

......its all gone in me today. Have I totally messed things up?

I've had a really, really awful few days. Somethings happened within my family and its very worrying. I didn't care I just did it. Half hour ago I put a post in saying I was strong then I thought for a while and flipping just had one bar thought **** it I'll have another and just did like that.

I wasn't even like THAT^ before CD :(

I'm scared now..
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Most people have blips, tomorrow is another day.

Get back in ketosis and back on track.

Thanks Lehal :) I dunno why I did it. I weighed and lost 6lbs today and I felt quite motivated. I dunno. But thank you x


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Sometimes we do stuff like this to ourselves when we are worrying about something else. It gives us something else to focus on.

What you need to do is draw a line underneath it all, knock back as much water as you can, and ride it through :hug99:
very few people manage to do this diet without the odd blip. The bars and tetra wont have caused any damage to the diet - just the kebab.

Be prepared for a windy day tomorrow lol - just one bar gives me wind so dunno what three will do. That might be enough in itself to stop you doing it again.

Drink as much water as you can today.

Congrats on the fab weight loss this week by the way.


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Hi Artic,

That was yesterday, forget about it. Today is another day, you can get back on track.
:grouphugg: Thank you everyone. Thats why I love using this website, everyone's so encouraging and motivating its just like"done is done, move on!" Thanks for all your lovely words. I will definitely stick to it 100% from today onwards this week. I've not been having enough water lately, but I really want to get into the next stone bracket before I'm off of the diet for a week wef 15th. I don't know whether I've jeopardised things or not now thanks to last nights silly antics :raincloud: but with any luck I can try my best to lose 4lbs and reach the 11's!

Thanks for caring :)

Take care, and I hope you are all doing very well xxx


To infinity and beyond!
Glad you have drawn a line under it and moved on. This is always my down fall, one blip, becomes major slip!
Fantastic that you are focused. Well done :)
Thanks Hollycat I appreciate it. It really is difficult this diet at times isn't it. It kind of takes over your life, stop going out to as many social events as you can to avoid any eating/drinking sessions and all you can think about is "Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge".
I know even people who give up in the very early days put in so much effort to this diet. When you slip up it really does become a mudslide and the consiounce (cant spell that lol) really plays mind games. Already considered having another kebab tonight but I'm trying to get past that. Wish I didn't live so close to one! And that I never read the thread where chicken doesn't take you out of ketosis - killer!

Thank youuu xx

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