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I'm quite nervous because i just hope my weight still goes down, and not comes to a stand still.
I am hoping that i wont put on weight because its not as tho im eating food.
Which i think will make it easier.
I gave up before for 5 months.
My hubby will be please as he is a non smoker.
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well done on giving up the dreaded weed hun.I gave up year and half ago ,it is hard at times .But I found the cravings only lasted for 2mins so I just had to find something to distract me for 2 mins and as the days went by the time between got longer so try thinking more about it been a 2min craving not 24 hour or week may make it easier good luck dont give up trying xxx
A good book to read is How to stop smoking by Alan Carr. It tells you how your nicotine cravings will be gone in 3 weeks - it's the mental side thats harder to get over....a bit like dieting!

If you can put up with the fact that it's a bit Dr Phil (no offence meant to any of our friends from the U.S) and slightly repetitive in places, then it's a great book. He also did books on dieting and drinking. Unfortunately he died of lung cancer recently, but his life was greatly extended by the fact that he gave up smoking. Not too bad for a 60 a day guy :eek:

I plan to read it again and stop smoking when I have lost the lard and maintained for a while :D
Well done I don't think I could stop for 3 hours at the moment.. maybe after the diet.. I think I am smoking more now since I started LL..:(
I have the alan carr book somewhere stashed away will have to dig that!
Just something to be aware of - quitting does slow down your metabolism....I tried quitting - made it three weeks - during those weeks saw a decline in loss. I did start up again, and the higher losses resumed.

Not trying, at all, to influence you one way or another - just want you to understand why you might see a change in losses.

Course, you might not too - everyone is different!!

All good luck honey!

XX :)
Lol..i dont start till tomorrow. Not sure if i will even stick to it..might make a difference to weight loss, dont really want that to happen do i!
Thanks for asking tho;)
Hope I got the right day this time lol:p
Has to be a first for me always late for everything :cool:
Hope everything goes well for you today .:p
Hey Thx. My first day is ok for not smoking, my weigh in was only 2lb loss. I need to go to doctors and get it checked out, as my llc said it could be water retension. as i have been on my monthly's since i started.

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