Finally managed it


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Hi all

I have been a member here for many years, mainly following VLCD for support.

I fell off the wagon over lockdown, working from home, being too near the kitchen and not caring as I could live in PJs or comfy clothing.

In March 2020 I developed an itchy rash that caused sores that didnt heal, my GP referred me to a Dermatologist in 2022 who diagnosed Nodular Prurigo, he also took blood. The results came back that I had Type 2 diabetes, a fatty liver and high cholesterol. My weight was 14 stone 4 on 1st July 2022.

I gave up smoking, and changed to eat only 130g carbs a day, and 1200 calories, I used the Nutra check app to monitor my eating, I also started walking daily. Now 4 months on, I weigh 10 stone, so BMI 24 and am in remission with a massive reduction in visceral fat, I went from excessive 16 to adequate of 10, my cholesteral is still a little too high but coming down.

I just wanted to share what worked for me, I will continue to eat reduced carbs and lots of green veg.

I also made sure I didnt eat after 5pm. My body no longer craves carbs or sugary foods and I have a lot more energy, I want to get down to 9 stone as it is my happy weight, I hope you all are doing well.