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3 or 4 shakes a day....

Just starting the diet and wondered about everyone who has been or has done the diet over the last year...

How has the weight loss been for thoese doing ss compared to ss plus...

Also I tried to do this before Xmas and found it hard to get into Ketosis having the extra milk, but found it quicker and easier to stick to not having it.

Thanks a bunch for reading this... and thanks a million if you reply...
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I have always done CD with 4 shakes a day. Sometimes i haven't felt hungry and haven't used my 4th shake but its nice to know its there if i need it. I also add milk and lost weight happily so it works for me!
Personally, i couldn't last on 3 shakes as the day would feel too long x
If your 5'8 or over or a man you need 4shakes a day i think. Im 5'6 and am just sticking with my three shakes but as sleepybird has said if you do feel hungry its better to have a fourth shake than something else. I think the losses are pretty much the same on ss and ss+


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Hi I have always done ss+ since my restart sometimes with the milk and 4 packs sometimes with the meal and 3 packs my losses are in my signature they seem to compare pretty well with ss losses
I'm on day 10 of my restart on SS and, at 5'10 I have four shakes a day. In 2007 I stuck rigidly to SS for 5 months, no problem. Once in ketosis I'm never hungry and, in fact, sometimes struggle to fit the 4th one in because I'm not hungry and don't really need it. But, it is important to get all four in if you're tall or male, because your body needs the nutrition. Even if its the case where, like I sometimes have to, you have to just hold you nose and gulp it down quickly - just to get it in!!!

Good luck on your CD journey!


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Hi there, I did SS with 3 packs a day and actually found it easier than SS+ , not having milk was better for me as I think it made me hungrier!

Good luck with whatever you decide!


I'm on ss+ but tbh I don't always have the milk! only a dash in a cuppa and only 1-2 a day! my losses to me have been great, would having the milk speed it up?

Thanks for all your messages, really brilliant of you all thanks.
I think I will have the 3, I'm happy with that, don't know what to do about the old aam week...... May have the 4 shakes that week instead of the meal. More vitamins... that way.

Your posts are brilliant and your weight losses are inspiring. It is great to see how others are doing.... and thinking that will be me.... :p

Thanks guys.

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You don't have to AAM until week 13 now (I believe it used to be week 5 or similar?) but you will have to go onto 810, you won't be allowed to do SS+ (i.e. 4 packs) for that week. By then your metabolism could probably do with the extra boost of calories to keep it revved up anyway. xx
Oh right silly me. I'm doing SS+ and so far have lost a stone in 2 weeks. Sometimes I do only have 3 CD meals or 3 CD + chick/fish veg etc & sometimes I have 4. It's just nice to have the option as some days I'm hungrier then others.

Serena A

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Well done on your weight loss so far! I have actually done the same as you, I started in a CD group where they automatically put everyone on SS+ with the 4 packs, however I stuck to 3 most times and have only just started added the meal occasionally now that I'm getting closer to goal.

Fab diet isn't it, I thank my lucky stars each day that I found CD :)

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seems like people are differing.. I am restarting next thursday.. CDC has said I must go on SS+ (a small meal).
Will be interesting to read the literature.


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My CDC told me that we are not allowed to do 3 packs anymore, is that true?
No. As Serena says. You can do 3 if you are under 5'8" and female. If that's what you want.

I did the whole diet on 3 packs (except for the AAM weeks which I had to do).


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Hi :)

I'm doing SS+ using 4 packs and the milk option (need to keep away from any meal) and I have to say that my first 2 weeks losses are just as good as when I previously did SS on 3 packs a day.:D
Thanks for the replys.... I suit 3 packs better, I don't like them very much... I'm only little, (well in height any way lol...).
I've been on the diet for 3 days nearly on the 3 so think I will stick at it and have the old AAM or an extra shake for that week instead.
Your weight loss is great Isis, wow..... will try to follow it, but know I wont get those sort of results... Ive about 6 stone to lose on CD ss and another stone or so on the plans.
Hide ho... better go... Thanks again for the replys. Great thanks.

Purple Hugs

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Hi :)

I'm doing SS+ using 4 packs and the milk option (need to keep away from any meal) and I have to say that my first 2 weeks losses are just as good as when I previously did SS on 3 packs a day.:D
Wow.. reading your losses I might ask my CDC next week when I see her if I can do the 4 packs a day instead of a meal at least for a while till i get over sugar / naughty food cravings! I am dreading a 'small meal' in case I can't keep it at that..

I am doing slimfast this week to prepare myself mentally as much as I can. :8855:

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