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3 weeks and nothing

are you being prescribed by GP? You maybe need to go have a chat about it....I had no side effects from the tabs my first 4 days and thought i was doin it wrong....then had a bar of choc one night and paid for it lol...I only lost 2lbs my first week but that was through not eating any junk as I never did any exercise....maybe you need to note down what you're eating and what exercise you're doing to see if you can spot any trends?

I hope you get to the bottom of it xx
Have you posted a food diary, Kittyketts? If not maybe you should and some of us can take a look. Do you count calories? It is still possible to overeat and not have any side effects if the food you are eating isn't fatty. No idea apart from that. Hope it improves,

KB x
I`m sorry to hear you`re not doing so well :(

I agree it would be good to keep a food & exercise diary as it is possible that your portion sizes or foods you`re eating contain to many cals and are counteracting the loss of fat in your diet.

I think one of my problems is portion sizes :/

Good Luck Xx
Your not alone , I have only lost 1lb so far this month but that is due to me not drinking (alcohol) the first 2 months on xenical then doing 2 weekends in a row.


Go on smile! =)
Must be catching i've also had a very bad month in terms of weightloss. Hopefully should just pass. I'm going to start changing up my excerise program alittle, doing the same thing will surely not be helping :D


gunna be a fatty for ever
i agree with the others hun! Im a sucker for sugar an it doesnt give u side effects! Postind a few days food would be great! we'd all be willing to help ya!

keep at it hun the scales r bound to shift soon

I'm counting cals, keep a diary and exercise every day and up until last week I had three weeks where the weight never shifted.......... xx
Good Luck for a better week x

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