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3pp snacks

a two finger kit kat is 3pp, and so is a solero ice cream, yum:) weightwatchers jaffa cake bars and chocolate mini rolls are only 2pp and they are surprisingly good. And Walkers baked crisps are 3pp. As you can tell, I have a wee bit of a sweet tooth!


Loving MiniMins :)
Jumbo snack a jacks are 1pp each and the caramel ones taste king of like popcorn :) when im cravin something sweet they do the job!! xx


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multipack quavers are only 2pp too. Im sure multipack frenchfries are the same but id rather somebody confirmed this first. :)
ooh, loads of things...

9 mikado sticks - 3pp
3 party rings - 3pp
special k mini bites - 3pp
weeto bars - 2pp
3 malted milk - 3pp
mini party rings pack - 3pp
weetabix snack bars - all flavours - 2pp
special k bars (favorite is mint and choc) - 2pp

I'm sure there are more, will have a rummage through my snack bag in a bit.
the skinny cow lolly range is fab the choc brownie ice cream bar is 2pp and gorg
cadburys fudge 3pp
curly wurly 3pp
most corn based crips 2pp


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Just lately I've been having a slice of weight watchers fruity malt loaf with a spread of low fat butter as my "elevenses" - delicious!! And only 2pp per slice (plus 1pp for the butter)
i love rice krispie squares and they are 3pp each - gorgeous with a cup of tea! choc/orange & choc/fudge alpen bars are 2pp each, and savory, the mattesons fridge raider bites are all 3pp per bag and really yummy :)
skips quavers french frys all from multi pack are 2 points ans some ww cake bars ares 2 points x curly wurlys 3p


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A wee pack of melba toast and 30g of light soft cheese = 3pp

30g humous is 2pp with some veg crudities for 0pp

treat size twirl, twix biscuit finger = 3pp


I need chocolate now!!!
30g reduced fat Brie (from Aldi) is 2pps.
Cadburys Buttons are 3pps.
Cream Pies (the kind you had when you were a child) are 3pps (in packs of 5 from Aldi)
Curly Wurly's

just wanted to say I love them and they are perfect for my chocolate cravings at 3 points :D

becoming obsessed....

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