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3rd week harder than others ?


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Well i am half wat through my 3rd week and thought i was doing ok but have found it so hard today not sure if it becouse i havent had a weigh in this week to spur me on but i am struggling and feeling hungry no i can get through it but i am on a up hil struggle this week cant wait till next tuesday just to see if i have done well just needed to tell sorry anyone else have a dip in week 3 x
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I will be skinny again!!!
Im sorry cant remember that far back!!

Keep drinking loads of water :) xxxxx


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Not sure I did - but I'm sure I've seen other threads about having a week 3 slump.

Best advice I can give is for you to power through, drink your water, get out and do things when you feel hungry or tired. And - just think, week 3 you could definitely have lost 1 stone :)

keep focus and you will get there.


Positivity is the key
Hi Jonsey,
there have been several posts on here where people felt a slump around week 3. When you think of it, week one was hard, getting used to it all, week 2 was exciting as you saw week 1's results then comes week 3 where you're settling into it more. Just ride it out, any cravings are in our head and there is nothing to be gained by eating but regret. It will be fine, you will be fine, just think of next weeks weigh in - which is now less than a week away and it will keep you going. I find when ever I think I may be tempted I come on here and keep posting and replying till I think of nothing else other than success, you can do it!!
yeah first time i had a **** 3rd week

As said keep the water up and you will power through


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thanks all well made it through tea without eating one of the kids sausages even said out loud to myself i dont need it i will waste the past effort its only a sausage the kids looked at me silly ha ha i love that i can come on hear and spout on it does stop me thinking about what i am missing and more what i have to gain by sticking with this
Well done i know its not easy but keep the goal in mind and its doable


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yep i did, and was not that strong :( but as doirin said keep focusing on next weigh in u will be so happy ;)
I was quite tempted in week 3 as well but I think it was because I thought I had the diet licked and was a teeny bit bored with the shakes. but the thought of having to get into ketosis was enough to make me wise up. good luck and stay strong x

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