After being disappointed last week with my weigh in, have been weighed this morning and have lost another 3lbs. !!! A VERY HAPPY BUNNY am I. :) Now 12stone 11lb. My gp was very, very, pleased with my results.

It is definitely getting harder now the weather is changing. I am going to try and get to 12stone 7lbs, which for my height(5'10") and age my dr. and I will be happy with. I think to get lower would be such a struggle for me.

Thanks Mini for your chat over the last weekend, it was a great help.

Now for the real laugh, to try and change my weight tracker!!
That's fab gold granny you are so nearly there. Great that the GP is happy and supportive.

Love your signature and tracker. Hope you get it changed OK?

Dizzy x
You are golden Anne-Marie

Very, very well done.

Your determination is melting those pounds away.

Marylyn xx
Well done goldgranny, glad your GP is pleased with you, i bet your glowing gold at the moment, and so you should.