3rd weigh in tonight and not looking forward to it


back once again

weigh in tonight and just cant be bothered with it, i am water retentive and still bloated and sore in my left side. Had pain killers all day yesterday and started on colpermin for a suspected IBS flare up even had a hot water bottle on my side last night to try and ease it but nothing is working. I dont think I am going to show a loss at all tonight, feeling very negative about the whole idea of CD as I have worked really hard to stay on track.

Has anyone else had off days like this after 3 weeks?

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just starting week 3 here sorry thats it tough but look at it like this if you retain water this week when you los eit will have a double loss next time
my week 3 weigh in was rubbish - apparanlty week 3 is hard for a lot of people.

Maybe you could still go - take it on the chin and perhaps tomorrow will be a better day.
hey, put my result on a seperate thread, lost 1lb, was less than impressed, but good inch loss. CDC says I have to move up temporarily to 1000 (not happy) but need to to try and get my health back on track.

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Hey there,

have you ever seen 1lb of fat,its a fair bit let me tell you and a loss is a loss no matter what.You have had good inch loss so thats another positive thing.Keep your chin up for tomorrow is another day,start it positive and it will end that way,

Stay strong.
Get two bars of butter and lie down and put them on your tummy - just think of all that fat which has left your body for good! A pound gone is still a pound gone!
Don't get disheartened and keep at it and in no time you will see even better results!
A pound on any other diet would have you quite chuffed, unfortunately we get it into our heads that it is only working if we see huge losses each week. It is working, however you are also unwell and your body it trying to get you through it the best way it can.

Stick with it and do the higher plan (if you need to) but just keep in mind it is coming off (The inch loss proves that) and next week or even a few weeks down the line you will see a sudden plummet and it will all be worth it.
I repeat what the others have said, you're loosing and that is the way forward whether it be inches or lbs

awww thanks for the support girls n guys :)

I feel a bit better today after feeling so down yesterday, just trying to get my head around the 1000 plan and presume that I will STS at the next weigh in as I have read that it is seen as a stabilisation mode for the first week.

Might be able to move back down to 810 if things have improved by next weigh in.

Still in pain today but not as bad so maybe painkillers and colpermin are starting to take effect :confused:

Well anyways, here comes the positive statement 'I will look nice and feel confident at my sister in laws wedding in August.'

Thanks again peeps :)

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