CWP looking to lose 6 stone day 4


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This is my second time on Cambridge, so I apologise if I don’t use the correct lingo.

The last time I started the plan, I lost 5 stone in 3 months, and then lost a further 2 stone. I maintained this for 12 years, but due to lots of very depressing reasons, I’m back- and bigger than ever.

I’m determined to stay 100% on plan, that’s the way I worked last time, and it’s the only way I know that I am still losing, even if the scales don’t agree.
I can’t seem to find many recent threads for CWP, my CC advised a big loss week one, but only 1lb a week for week 2&3? That wasn’t how it worked for me the first time around, so I was wondering if the plan had changed slightly?

Day 4 completed, not in Ketosis yet, but despite being a very curvy girl, I feel lighter- less bloated and hungry lol. Fingers crossed tomorrow is the day I slide my way in to ketosis, and then sit back and wait for the diet to work it’s magic!