40 days -Dropped 2 dress sizes


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Hey thats brilliant!!!
I cant wait to drop a dress size, what a great feelin that must be.
Keep up the good work and just imagine what your gonna look like in another 40 days xx


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That is fantastic, 2 dress sizes in just over a month.

its posts like these that stop me from giving in to my cravings!

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Hi guys,

Just thought I would let you know I have dropped 2 dress sizes since I started the diet. I need to lose another 5 dress sizes in all though.

Well done and congrats' that is wonderful news and so inspiring as it will keep you on the straight and narrow for the weeks to come...so happy for you Bellybee

Love Mini xxx

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It never fails to amaze me how quick these diets work :eek:

Congratulations and don't forget to update us when you drop down to the next dress size ;)