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40 days until Jamaica!


Getting my slim on!
Dont worry about having a day off to have a good time with your mate, a diet is a diet and it shouldnt dictate every element of your life. You went out, had a good time and now your back on it...if you think about what would have happened before u did the diet im guessing it would have been the same as me and id have eaten my way through a harsh hangover then carried on through the week until my next one lol! Im out with all my girls Fri and I plan on getting very merry, but ill be back on cd the next day :) Have a good week x
Thanks Mishi, to be honest I don't normally come off ss for nights out but allowed myself due to the circumstances this time around. Anyhoo, day 2 for me, was fine yesterday apart from a sliver of cheddar but it's low carb so shouldn't hbe stopped the ketosis process. Not long until my holiday now and I refuse to spend so much money on a plush holiday and go and not feel comfortable, so I'm going to try really hard from now on. I'm going to weigh myself on Saturday and see how much damage I've done, I was 12.11 last Saturday so hoping I've at least sts. We shall see.... How are you getting on? Xxx
Well I weighed myself this morning and I was 13 stone!!!! WTF! I am soooo angry with my body :( well I will weigh again in 3 weeks time exactly as I go on holiday on the Monday but am staying overnight at a hotel in Gatwick the night before so will have to weigh the day before I fly. I really really hope my body plays ball the next 3 weeks and I hope, hope that I loose 15lbs so I can see 11.13. Doubt this'll happen but a girl can dream...
Well I weighed this morning (couldn't resist!) and I was 12.12 so 2lbs off overnight :) I've set up a holiday tracker as I have exactly 21 days until I go away, would looooove to see 11.12/11.13 as this was the weight I was on holiday in America this time last year and on the whole felt really good in my clothes and was happy in a bikini and happy with my holiday pics. I'm not worried about putting loads on whilst away, for some strange reason I'm really good diet wise on holiday, I think it's because it's so hot that I get full from the litres of water that I drink! I also think that being in a bikini everyday makes you very aware of how many bloating foods you eat (i.e. pasta, pizza, bread etc). 3 weeks of straight ss, let's do it! xx
Well it's been a good few days for me with no cheating whatsoever, I've also been working out with the bf at night as he bought all his weights etc down when he moved in 2 weeks ago. I did 100 sit ups last night and about 15 minutes of free weights. Going to the gym with a girl from work tonight and I'm goin to bravely attempt that horrible looking stepping machine, I'm desperate to do something about my cottage cheese looking inner thighs, I'm hoping in 19 days I can at least make some sort of difference to them if I work hard! Then we're doing aqua aerobics, going to watch it tonight and make sure I don't go too crazy! Hope everyone else is doing well xxx
Well a stupid somebody left their shakes at home this morning! Thank god my CDC only lives a 10 minute bus ride from work- on my way to see her now. Luckily I timed it well as I had to go and see her tonight for more products anyway so not a wasted journey. Scales said 12.9 so a 5lb shift from Sunday. Really hoping I see 11 something by the time I go away, I have 17 days so hoping 10lbs is achievable, I'll weigh again on Sunday to see whether the figure left will be doable in 2 weeks! Hope everyone else is doing ok xx
Well another 100% day for me yesterday and long may it continue! I am so determined to stay on plan until the minute I board that plane, I really hope I do! I've been trying to re-work my brain re the up and down days ( feeling like you're on top of the world and want to stay on ss for the rest of your life one day and then feeling miserable and wanting to eat even though you're not remotely hungry the next!) I really want to ensure I never let the down days make me come off plan ever again, they are simply mind games and I can overcome them :) I had a good char with my CDC yesterday, I've known her for years so she's become more of a friend to me, and she agrees that I should do ww when I get back from Jamaica. I really need to put CD to bed once and for all, yoyoing on cd for almost 3 years has literally driven me to the point of insanity and I have JUST got to get this eat what you want for 2 weeks and use cd to get it off mentality! I lost the majority of my weight with ww when I first started loosing so I just need to ignore the weeks where I loose nothing or 1/2lb and trust the plan will work again. I'm going to try and walk to or from work everyday (3 miles each way) as a daily habit to help speed the weight losses along. So, I have 16 days left on ss before I jet off and then I'm praying I get back from holiday and get straight to ww and ignore the allure of cd.... Here's to hoping I can put my bad habit to bed, finally! Xx
I wasn't a happy bunny at all yesterday, both my parents and my bf were away for the weekend so I was on my own, didn't feel like meeting up with friends because it would no doubt involve food and I was already feeling cranky. I really fancied an Indian takeaway last night but didn't give in, I accepted it was a cd mindgame as mentioned in my post above and I ignored it :) I woke up this morning feeling much better and went to a pilates class, it was my first time and I really enjoyed it, will definitely be trying to make an effort to go every sunday when I'm not busy. Unfortunately I'm going to be cancelling my gym membership once it gets to a year in August, I don't go enough to justify paying £45 a month and the classes are always so busy that you have to book 8 days in advance to get in! Instead I'm going to try and walk to or from work everyday, it's 3 miles so a good workout plus is saves me about £26 a month so that with no membership will make me £70 richer a month- all the more money for lovely size 12 clothes! Will also do weights and sit ups with the bf at home as he's a fitness freak and has all the equipment here :) I feel a lot more positive than I have recently, I go to Jamaica 2 weeks tomorrow and my stomach has already flattened out loads so in 2 weeks time I think I'm going to look pretty damn good in my bikini! I'll be good on holiday- I always am normally so hope it happens this holiday too. With my water weight being topped up I'm expecting to be about 12.4 when I get back ( that's if I make it to my goal of 11.12/11.13) in the next 2 weeks. I'm more than happy to continue loosing weight by weightwaters from then, even if it takes me 5 months to loose 18lbs I would rather that than this stupid yoyoing that I've been doing with cd for the best part of 3 years!!
Plus it means I can eat with my boyfriend and be normal and save enough points to go out for dinner as a treat etc. He only moved in 3 weeks ago and has been having to eat dinner on his own everynight ( although I cook it- I become obsessed with cooking when I'm on cd!)
So here's to 14.5 days left of ss before I turn my back on it, hopefully forever! It has served me well but I just keep abusing it and use it as a binge-starve tool. And end up bigger by the end of it!

Wow that was a long rant, glad to have got it off my chest though!



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Hello :) just caught up on your diary and you're doing really well. How is everything now your OH has moved in? How exciting!!!!!!

You are going to look fab in your bikini if you carry on the way you are. I'm the same as you on holiday, I always drink loads and stick to light meals like salad etc because it's so hot. I hope we get to go on hol this year!
Hey Felix, thanks for stopping by! Well I got on the scales and they said 12.6!! So happy, I've lost 8lbs in 8 days :) I need to loose 7/8lbs to see 11.12/11.13 for Jamaica and I'm sure I will now :) soooo happy!

Everything is going well with the bf thanks, I'm looking forward to starting ww so I can actually eat the dinners I've been cooking him everynight hehe :)

How are you and the other half getting on with the prep for starting ww?

Well I feel like a complete hypocrite going on about not giving in to CD mindgames above...

Yesterday I was in an awful mood, wasn't having a good day at work and was craving chocolate. So I went and ate a load of rubbish at lunchtime, chocolate, cookies etc....it wasn't as big a binge as I've had in the past as my stomach was killing me and I truly felt awful and so angry with myself but I feel like such an idiot!

The only good thing I have to say is that I've got back on it today, still so bloated that I don't watch to touch food for a long time! Couldn't even face my breakfast shake so have only just had my first one of the day.

I have 11 days (including today) before I do my final weigh in before Jamaica, and BOY am I staying on SS from now until I board that plane, I never want to feel as ill as I did last night from food again!

Bad Bad CJ.

Thanks Gemma, well Tuesday wasn't good but yesterday and today have been. I'm at a health spa for the day and it's so nice to relax and not be at work! Also very proud that my mum, aunt and sister all just ate a lovely looking 2 course meal in front of me in the spa restaurant! Meals are included so I gave my mum and aunt my food and sat there with my litre bottle of water :) I go away on the 13th so ooooh about 11 days away now!

How about you? Xx
well done thats something to be so proud of, i go away on 1st july, i am gonna try and see if i can do a few ss days before i go as i really want to get into the 11s mark :)


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Well done for the past few days! You're doing really well and it's so so so close to your holiday :) you're going to look FAB in your bikini!!! Ive decided to take another go at cd starting from Monday as it's 7 weeks until my boyfriends uni graduation and I want to wear something nice! So I've come back with my tail between my legs :( haha.

Hope youre having another great day :D

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