4th week weight and..........

louisa, 2st off now..............hey go girl :D
That's excellent Louisa. It's such a great feeling when you can tick off another milestone isn't it :cool:
a milestone

2st off now :D

i lost just over 5.5lbs
Blimey!!! :eek:

WELL DONE!!! Must feel fantastic, really hope the losses continue to be so high for you!

Note to self: see you TOO can lose 5lb in a week again... :p kicking my own butt! :eek: :D
Well done thats fantastic news xx
Well done Louisa, what a fantastic loss. You must be feeling fab.

I lost 9 lbs last night which was my first wi (just over a week but not quite 2 weeks. I was pleased with that because I have struggled a bit.

Well done again.

well done honey!

you are going great guns!!! you will be in that slinky wedding dress by July.....NO PROBS!!!!! keep up the good work honey!

hugs Lou X
Well done Louisa :D 2 stone is fabulous.

Keep up the good work hun