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5 weeks in to cambridge diet and a bfp!

so... yeah haha! this really has not sunk in yet ... i did 14 home preg tests all positive so yeah, im just waiting now i guess for my hosp apt to come so i can find out how far along i actually am! i think im about 3/4 wks??

can i ask though.... i keep having the feeling.. like the feeling i get 2 days before my period... not really cramps but a muscle uncomfortable feeling... is this ok? ive also had a very tiny bit of brownish discharge (sorry im very new to all this so sorry about way to much info!) but is this normal???
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Thank you! I feel such an idiot all of this feels soo unreal!


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14 HPT's! OMG I thought I was bad doing 6 lol. Congratulations!
I had cramps for about 12 weeks and brown discharge around the time my period was due, which is why my DH had to bully me into buying the tests, I was convinced my period would turn up any time :rolleyes:
Wishing you a very happy and healthy 9 months :)
haha thank you! im feeling alot better about it all, yes well 14... we bought few brands just to be on the safe side! lolthe first weeks are soo confusing and feels soo up in the air!! i have to have blood tests next week... how long does it normally take to get scan apts through??


wannabe yummy mummy
Aww I know, it doesn't seem real til you've seen them at your first scan but looking back it really does fly in. Your first scan is usually offered around 12 weeks unless there are any problems.
When I read your post my reaction was the same as Vickie's: 14 tests!!!?! That's worse than me!

Anyway, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! And don't worry, all the niggles and cramps are normal. Hope you have a plain sailing pregnancy.

PS: If you want to keep up the diet whilst pg you can join Slimming World!
i had my first scan date arrive today its 13 may ... it all seems very soon now lol! it will be nice to know how far along everything actually is tho!

Purple Hugs

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Congratulations! after 8 years trying my Little one is now 17 weeks old and is a CD baby! lol

The light cramps and dark discharge are normal - your muscles are already getting 'ready' - well starting to, and the bleed/discharge is known as implanting. :)

Now as for your head.. it takes a little while to get used to the idea sometimes - in a nice way of course! but you've got a fair old time left till baby arrives so take your time! lol

Hope you have a wonderful 9 months!

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