Step 1 Sole Source + Tetras and bars


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Good evening everyone. Im just starting week 4 this week, done Cambridge 8 years ago but it’s very different now. My question is do people find having more than one tetra pack and a bar daily slows their weight loss? First week I lost 10lbs which is amazing but week 2 was 2.5lbs and week 3 only 1.5lbs. Don’t get me wrong that weight loss is amazing but I was expecting it to slow so early - let’s face it we all do this diet for the bigger losses 😂.
Thanks in advance
Sorry no one saw your post. It is what it is. The body isn't a machine. I wonder how it has gone the subsequent weeks. What results have you got?

I did a different programme - and they kept the bars for after a significant weight loss. Do ask the person who sells you CD what she recommends.