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50lb by Easter!!!


I’m 5ft 11in 21st 6lb married with a 6 year old daughter. I have decided I have abused my body for long enough and it is time to lose some weight.

I am going to Disneyworld at Easter 2012 and really want to lose a significant amount of weight beforehand the thought of spending hours on end squashed in my seat does not appeal to me.

I also want to make the most of the holiday and would be gutted if I couldn’t go on something with my daughter due to my size.

Its 35 weeks until I go to Disney world and I feel a weekly target of 2lb is achievable this would result in a 5 stone loss, ok that’s a lot!
So I revise my target to getting to 18 stone by then this would be 3stone 6lb loss. This would be 48lb so I finally decide 50lb is a nice round number that’s my target.

Week1 26/07/2011
I have decided to take the plunge and go to Slimming World tonight.

I was going to wait until after I come back from a few days away in the middle of August however I know what I am like and will just binge between now and then.

I turn up at SW group pay some money get weighed and turn around and see a few tables covered in food, I later find out tonight is a tasting evening and this is not the norm, which I admit I’m pleased about as it seems defeating to turn up to eat.

Weigh in 21ST 6lb
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Week 2
It has been a strange week getting to terms with all the syns and I had already planned meals for the week before joining SW. However I make an effort at work with my lunches and cut down on the Strongbow.

I decide to announce my weight lose plans to everyone adding pressure on me which I feel will only help me.

Weigh in = 20st 13&½lb
Weekly Loss of 6&½
I’m shocked and pleased how well my first weigh in has gone.
This was my 2nd visit to SW my first usual night as the first week was food tasting night. I found the image therapy section a bit intimadating.

Highlight of the week : Quorn Sausages £1 a pack at Asda and really tasty and syn free!

Lowlight of the week : Realising how much 28g of Fruit and Fibre actually is.
I have made a real effort this week, however I hop on the scales on Saturday at home and I’am disappointed to find my weight has not really changed perhaps a 1lb loss.

So I make a real effort of the next couple of days and use my exercise bike for 20mins on Sunday and Monday night.

Weigh in = 20st 5&½lb
Weekly Loss of 8lb

I’m delighted with my loss however I am unable to stay for group this week which is disappointing, however I am given a sticker for losing both half a stone and 1 stone.

I go straight home and jump on the Weight Watchers scales I have at home and soon realise its 3&1/2lb out compared to Slimming World.

Highlight of the week : Made Spaghetti Bolognaise from SW Website and it was gobbled up by the family. After serving the little one hers I added a table spoon of Crushed Chilli Yum Yum

Lowlight of the week : Realising that Quorn Sausages are not in fact syn free.
The holiday week, its been a mixed week tried really hard to offset the drinking and over consuming I had whilst away for a few days. Whilst away I drank far too much Strongbow and had some great beef fajitas whilst out and also visited an all you can eat Chinese buffet.

I know its going to be tough to maintain this week however I am expecting to have gained probably 3lb.

Weigh in = 20st 6lb
Weekly gain of ½lb

Whilst a gain is not good this wasn’t a normal week and I was expecting to have gained more so in a strange way I’m really pleased.

Highlight of the week : The all you can eat buffet.
Lowlight of the week : The all you can eat buffet! I felt guilty afterwards.

I have bought some Vodka and Diet Cloudy lemonade and this is now replacing my Strongbow and to my amazement is great!


has a thin girl inside!
Wow this is amazing!!! well done you! i bet you were SOLW too and that's another sticker on yr book!
Oddly someone queried SLOW tonight and the Consultant advised must not have gained the week before and must have stayed at group. Like you say each consultant to there own but Im now on a quest for another shiney!
Well Done, keep going the weight will come off.

I see you started roughly the same weight as I was the first time I did it, and I lost 6 and half stone in 9 months before my major re lapse.
So you should reach your goal if you keep doing it.

Good luck

Well done for your loss and your lifestyle change, from what you've done in the first few weeks I can't see any reason for you not to achieve your goals. Try to ignore what your scales at home say - what is it with those WW ones, mine are 2lbs out. Good luck with the coming week.
Ive decided to keep a note of what Iam eating each day.


Breakfast Fruit and Fibre with banana and Strawberries. Done and was yum.

Mid Morning Snack Strawberries Would prefer a Snickers!

Lunch Jacket with Beans, added some curry powder to make it a bit tasty/

Mid Afternoon Snack Melon

Tea TBC Either Spag Bol or Carbanara depending on the date on the Extra Lean Mince.

Thats todays plan lets see if I stick it?
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Ended up with Bangers & Mash for tea with onion Gravy. Tried Skinny Lizzies Pork sausages for the first time had 3 of them so that 3 Syns so far today.... Its just whether I now have a liquid syn or not...hmmmm

Ive just made some Broccoli soup never made that before had a quick taste and its ok nothing special but it will do
Bugger left the broccoli soup at home :(

Im left with an option of baked spud from round the corner or a salad box which is basically lettuce & toms... Had beans on taost as breakie today so have already used my healthy extra B.
Decided I really need to get back into Slimming World this week. Ive got out the old exercise bike and been doing 20mins a night, not a great amount but hoping to improve on it.
Thursday was tough as I had no lunch at work and some collagues had chippy and sat opposite me eating it along with the spare pair of chips they apparently got by mistake from the chippy. Work can make SW difficult sometimes.

Weigh in = 20st 1.5lb
Weekly loss of 4.5lb
Im pleased with this week although I do feel Ive had to work hard to get to it.

Highlight of the week : Sunday Afternoon a few beers at a charity event in the sunshine and won a bottle of vodka.
Lowlight of the week : Guilty feeling sitting down Sunday evening having had beer and some vodka.

Note need to lose 1.5lb this week to reach the mini target :)

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