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57varieties Random Ramblings

S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
I thought I’d start a thread to have the odd moan on or a place to keep a check on my progress.

I used SW last year mid June 2010 for 3 months at home and I lost over a stone, I then changed to calorie counting and lost another half a stone or so. I then went on holiday and I returned to my old eating habits and I was soon close to being the weight I started with :(

In March 2011 have tried calorie counting again, but I find it difficult to keep an accurate check of the foods - all that weighing and record keeping of all the foods I had eaten, not to mention the weight loss being slightly erratic! :eek:

So it’s back to the SW program for a little while. :)
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S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 1 - Red Day
Breakfast: 2 toasts with butter, 2 fried eggs, tea with milk.
Morning Snack: Banana
Lunch: Chilli con carne, made with lean mince, served with small portion of rice
Dinner: Duck and yam hotpot, Crab stir fried with ginger and spring onions and 1 serving of rice. Jasmine tea
Syns 30
Pedometer 12,231 steps
Comments: not exactly how I wanted my first day to go with so many syns, but I gotta start somewhere I suppose, and I guess it was only yesterday lunch time I thought I would go back on the plan after talking to a colleague at work. I hope I can get some time to do a proper food shop too. Pedometer reading is higher than normal though.

Day 2 – Green Day
Breakfast: Egg and 1 rasher bacon sandwich, grilled tomato, tea with milk
Lunch: Sweet potato cut into chunks spread with Dairylea, 2 Narins berry oatcakes
Dinner: Khao tom (boiled rice in a light broth) with turkey mince patties, mushrooms, tomatoes, Chinese greens, beansprouts, fish sauce, soy. Oolong tea.
Snack: Hot choc- options, apple
Syns 15.5
Pedometer 3563 steps

Day 3 – Green Day
Breakfast: Toast topped with mushrooms, tomatoes and reduced fat cheese, tea with milk
Lunch: Fresh pasta, wilted spinach, ham, mixed together with quark and garlic. Fennel tea
Dinner: Rice, pan fried pork chop, baked beans and 2 steamed prawn dim sum. Green/jasmine tea.
Syns 13
Pedometer 3368 steps
Bf still thinks baked beans and rice is a weird combo! I love it! Such a comforting food

Day 4 – Green Day
Breakfast: Toast topped with Dairylea and apple. One banana. Fennel tea
Lunch: Spaghetti mixed with quark and wilted spinach and cherry tomatoes. Cucumber sticks. Tangerine.
Dinner: Rice noodles in broth, turkey meatballs, spinach, tomatoes, beansprouts, fish sauce, soy, chilli. Genmai tea.
Snacks: Cream cracker x2
Syns 16.5
Pedometer 2336 steps

Day 5 – Green Day
Breakfast: Oats and more, milk. Banana. Hot water
Lunch: Toast topped with Dairylea, apple, pear, 1 quorn sausage
Dinner: JD Wetherspoons Chilli sweet noodle with chicken. Diet Coke.
Snacks: Bourbon biscuits x2, half a ginger snap.
Syns 22
Pedometer 12089 steps. Lindy Hop class.
A guess for the Wetherspoons chilli noodles, tried breaking it down as much as possible. I also picked at the nibbles during my staff meeting and my colleague told me the ginger snaps were about 5 syns each, so I went halves with her and picked up a Bourbon to eat, I had 2 and found out they are a syn more than the ginger snap!! Typical! :rolleyes:

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S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 6 – Green Day
Breakfast: Peanut butter sandwich. Banana. Tea with milk.
Lunch: Quorn style ham, pasta salad- cucumber, tomatoes, fish sticks.
Dinner: Singapore fried rice noodles with beef, green peppers, beansprouts, sugar snaps, coriander. Oolong tea.
Snacks: Crispy nutty seed bites, fish sticks.
Syns- Over 80???!!!
Pedometer: 8828 steps

I felt urgh yesterday I didn't feel satisfied no matter how much I ate *week too, maybe that contributed to it. My downfall started just before my lunch I tried one piece of my colleagues Tesco nutty seed bites, got a taste of it and popped into Tesco's during my lunch brought a pack and scoffed the whole packet down. I don't know the syns, but I'm guessing it's close to 60syns, calorie wise it's 1020cals :eek: I still went home to have a dinner. A positive point is that I have stocked up on my essential amino acids :eek:

Day 7 – Green Day

Breakfast: Banana. Watermelon. Fennel tea.
Lunch: Toast with Quorn ham slices, Dairylea triangles, apple slices. Cucumber sticks.
Dinner: Singapore fried rice noodles with pork, beansprouts, peppers, mange tout. Genmai tea.
Snacks: Victoria sponge
Syns 6.5
Pedometer 6786 steps

A much better day syn wise, after my seed and nut fix of the day before I had a banana and bowl of watermelon for breakfast- something cleansing to make up for yesterday :eek:
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S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
An extremely long post, updating foods of the last 8 days. :eek:

Day 8 – Green Day

Breakfast: Reduced fat cheese on toast, tea with milk, watermelon
Lunch: Oven fish(battered) chips, peas. Cucumber slices. Watermelon. Tangerine
Dinner: Singapore fried rice noodles cooked with Quorn, sugar snaps, beansprouts, red peppers, and Chilli sauce, green/jasmine tea
Snacks: Apple, macadamia nuts, dried cranberries, cream cracker x3, WW lemon slice.
Syns 25

Pedometer 10460 steps

Day 9 – Green Day

Breakfast: Alpen with semi-skimmed milk, tea with milk, banana
Lunch: Noodles in broth cooked with king prawns, sugar snap peas, broccoli, beansprouts, fish sauce, soy sauce, chillies
Dinner: Turkey mince patty, served with rice and mixed leaf salad, tomatoes, green/jasmine tea
Snacks: Pear. Orange.
Syns 12

Pedometer 10236 steps. Little Black Dress DVD, all sections.

Day 10 – Green Day

Breakfast: Toast topped with mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese, Tea with milk
Lunch: Rice salad/Chirashi mixed with mange tout, cucumber, sugar snaps, red pepper and serving of smoked salmon
Dinner: Egg fried rice with wilted spinach and peas and 3 chicken wings skin on, Oolong tea
Snacks: Pretzels. Gala melon. Tea with milk
Syns 16

Pedometer 6942 steps

Day 11 – Green Day - Weigh in - STS

Breakfast: Banana. Tea with milk.
Lunch: Cheese and ham sandwich. Cucumber sticks. Strawberries.
Dinner: Beef fried rice, 5 chicken wings. Yogurt.
Snacks: Blueberry puffs x2. Watermelon. Chilli pork chop, rice and Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce. Jasmine tea.
Syns 32

Pedometer 6820 steps

I already had a dinner before going to the airport with my bf to pick up his aunt, but when we picked her up she wanted to eat dinner, so we stopped by Chinatown. I didn’t eat that much still I could have done without the extra dinner, as it added at least another 7+ syns :(

Day 12 – Green Day

Breakfast: Toast topped with mushroom, tomatoes, reduced fat cheese. Tea with milk.
Lunch: Pasta with quorn style chicken, red pesto, cucumber. Watermelon.
Dinner: Hainanese Chicken, yellow bean/chilli/lime dipping sauce. Boiled rice. 2 small Vegetable spring roll. Fennel tea.
Snacks: Banana, nut and seed mix.
Syns 17

Pedometer 11324 steps. Lindy Hop class.

Day 13 – Green Day

Breakfast: Toast with marmite, reduced fat cheese, Tea with milk.
Lunch: Noodle stir fry with beef and vegetables. Watermelon. Strawberries.
Dinner: Roast duck, roast pork. Morning glory/Ong Choi stir fried with fermented bean curd. Pan fried tofu. Boiled Rice.
Snacks: Cream cracker. 2xThai dessert Ta Koh Taro
Syns 16

Pedometer 10178 steps

Guessing the syns for the shop brought Thai dessert. ‘Rice, Coconut milk, sugar, salt, taro, pandan juice.’ it says. I’ll give it 8 syns for the two, as it doesn’t taste very sweet and had no butters or oils in it.

Day 14 – Green Day

Breakfast: ?
Lunch: Pasta with pesto, quorn style chicken, peppers, cucumber, tomatoes.
Dinner: ?
Syns 18 ?

Pedometer 6136 steps

I can’t for the life of me remember what I ate, and I forgot to write it down. So I’ve averaged the syns of the last 7 days. My average is pretty high still! I suppose if I had more time I could work out a Red day menu, maybe my syns are lower. The green day menu just seems more straightforward to calculate, and I'm trying to eat less meat.

Day 15 – Green Day

Breakfast: Chinese BBQ pork bun – from Chinese bakery, oven not steamed. Peppermint tea
Lunch: Chicken pasta, pesto, cucumber, tomatoes.
Dinner: Spaghetti with gammon, quark, wilted rocket and spinach. Yogurt with frozen cherries. Peppermint tea.
Snacks: Homemade shortbread biscuit, Maxibon ice cream. Crispy top bun- from Chinese bakery.
Syns 49?

Pedometer 14425

I don’t know how to calculate the bakery goods, it says 6 syns for Chinese cakes and biscuits, but I think the crispy top bun is closer to an iced bun (7 syns)- not as sweet but double in size, so that’s what I’ve done. BBQ bun another 14 syns?
The shortbread biscuit was made for the children and staff for the nursery trip, so that’s why I had one. I think that because I had to eat my lunch on the go I seemed to be still hungry. If I had given it another 20 minutes the ‘hunger’ may have passed. The same thing happened with after dinner today, I had a really nice dinner, but straight after I tucked into a bowl of natural yogurt with frozen cherries and after that the crispy top bun :eek: But! I was very satisfied afterwards as it did hit the spot!
I’ve had mini binges before, usually at the end of my evening meal since being on the SW plan, I don’t think I've binged in the past, when I was eating regularly/normally, but I suppose I could eat whatever I wanted- which made me the size I am now :( but being on the SW plan I just feel so hungry! I need to find some free foods that I can snack on; fruit just doesn’t cut it sometimes.


Gold Member
S: 19st13lb C: 17st11lb BMI: 37.9 Loss: 2st2lb(10.75%)
Hi - I've just read your diary and you say you're hungry. Fruit and veg is the first thing to try but if that doesn't work try something free rather than superfree. If you're doing green days what about some SW chips or baked potato. I seem to have 1 really hungry day a week and I just can't seem to fill myself up on fruit, veg or yogurt. If I'm doing EE or red I find that ham and cottage cheese helps and if I'm doing green SW chips help.

Good luck :)
S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Hi - I've just read your diary and you say you're hungry. Fruit and veg is the first thing to try but if that doesn't work try something free rather than superfree. If you're doing green days what about some SW chips or baked potato. I seem to have 1 really hungry day a week and I just can't seem to fill myself up on fruit, veg or yogurt. If I'm doing EE or red I find that ham and cottage cheese helps and if I'm doing green SW chips help.

Good luck :)
Hi tillymax,
My dinner today included a baked sweet potato and I haven't felt hungry afterwards, though I did eat a lot later than I usually do. I think every few days I get a feeling of being really hungry, maybe next time it happens I should just try and ride it out and maybe and the feeling will pass, or give it at least 30mins before I look for something else to snack on :) I did also think I could update my diary here- that would kill a few minutes :cool:

Day 16 - Green Day
Breakfast: Khao tom (Thai influenced dish - rice in a light broth) courgettes, Chinese greens and beef.
Lunch: Open sandwich; 2 boiled eggs, salad- cucumber, cherry tomatoes, spinach, reduced fat butter
Dinner: Baked sweet potato, 1 quorn crispy fillet, peas and baked beans.
Snacks: 90g pizza, 30g reduced fat cheddar- I figured there was some cheese on the pizza to make up the HexA. Watermelon. Strawberries.
Syns 14.5
Pedometer 2100 steps

Pedometer reading is low, being a weekend I don't do much walking, unless I make a conscious effort to do so. I didn't make it to badminton this week either, that's the second session in a row I've missed. There's a session tomorrow I could gatecrash, more advanced players, I'll see how my self image is tomorrow morning. :eek:
S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 17 - Green Day
Breakfast: 35g Porridge oats, topped with Fat free natural yoghurt and a bowl of strawberries.
Lunch: Soba noodles in broth with Chinese broccoli, courgettes, quorn style chicken mixed together with teriyaki sauce.
Dinner: Jacket potato with beans/sausages, reduced fat cheddar.
Snacks: Bran chocolate thing (see link below) last 2 of those Thai desserts Ta Koh Taro :(
small glass of Coconut milk.
Syns 16
Pedometer 3428 steps, Combat body control Sky recorded.

I managed to break the microwave trying out this recipe...
MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum - View Single Post - Rachel's brain dump
I put the timer for 4mins and the middle was a bit runny, I thought maybe I had put on the microwave cover and it was the condensation, but after nuking it again for a while longer it was still the same, and then I thought ahhh it's probably just overcooked and just ate the solid bits. Only later to find out when my bf went to heat up some meatballs he said the microwave was broken :D Typical, all these years I only use the microwave just to reheat food, and now I want it to do more with it - it breaks! :rolleyes:

Weigh in tomorrow, I had a sneaky weigh in this morning... looking alright... no gain yet! Hopefully this week I won't be snacking on Chinese cakes and biscuits because I've nearly eaten them all, so my syns won't be too bad.

S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 18 - Green Day - Weigh in - 3lbs loss :)
Breakfast: Toast topped with slices of apple and plain cottage cheese. Tea with semi skimmed milk.
Lunch: Tomato pasta with chicken, yellow peppers. Boiled carrots. Watermelon. Green tea.
Dinner: Chicken and Pork fried rice, stir fried Choi sum with oyster sauce. Genmai tea.
nacks: Large bowl of watermelon, 1 banana, 1 cracker, Hot choc made with milk.
Syns 12.5
Pedometer 13814

Although I had a sneaky weigh in yesterday, I was surprised at so much I had lost this week, it has never happened before. It might be water loss, I'll keep tabs on it. It might make me sound ungrateful about the loss, It's only because I'm not very toned some could say soft or wobbly etc and I'm worried a quick weight loss will result in more wobbliness that's all :( Hence trying to tone up and do more exercise. Legs are aching today, maybe from yesterday's combat body control or that I've upped my walking- just to test out. I walked one train stop to work- which I have done before, but I also did it on the way back from work!! I don't think I will be doing that in a hurry, my poor legs feel like jelly now :( But it was gorgeous weather in London today, almost worth the pain! :p

I have half day tomorrow as I have a plasterer coming to plaster a small room in the front of the house. That room hasn't been used since I moved in two years ago, so it would be nice to do it up and use it as a study eventually. It means missing my Lindy Hop class tomorrow though :( I hate when that happens 'cos I hope I carry on going next week and not to think up excuses not to turn up which happens to me a lot... well see... At least my ex- colleague has been going too and I will get an earful from her if I decide to give it a miss :p
S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 19- Red Day
Breakfast: Bran flakes, semi skimmed milk. Water.
Lunch: Part I - Quorn styled chicken pie, cabbage, coleslaw. Part II - Wholemeal sandwich with pan fried gammon with mustard powder, 1 fried egg, tomato ketchup. Cup of tea.
Dinner: Pan fried whole rainbow trout, pan fried tofu. Stir fried veg- carrots, Chinese broccoli/choi sum, mangetout in oyster sauce. 2 prawn crackers. Oolong tea.
Snacks: Walker french fries, Fish sticks
Syns 15.5
Pedometer 10301

This is my first proper red day :eek: I did try a red day on the first day of my diet and my syns count went sky high! (30 syns!). Today I found it quite hard to adjust going onto the red day since being on green more or less from the start. I also found it hard at dinner when I noticed I had already had my HexB's I really should have brought some cauliflower and mashed that up to substitute it for potatoes/ rice and it would have been syn free. But I found some tofu, so I used that. At the end of the meal I actually felt very satisfied- but the fish was a large one, so that may have had something to do with it. I'm sure if I were to stick with the red days, I will not feel so bloated and I'd have a flat tummy in no time!

I also had two lunches today... I've gotta not eat with the children at lunch time ( I work in a Children's Centre/Nursery) then I had another lunch when I got in... oops! *tut tut tut*
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S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 20 - Green Day
Breakfast: Cheese & ham toastie, cup of tea with milk.
Lunch: Soup noodles and veg. Apple. Watermelon. Green tea.
Dinner: Quorn crispy fillet, Quorn Sausage, jacket potato.
Snacks: Salt & vinegar crisps, cheese straws x2,
Syns 23
Pedometer 12660 steps

Day 21 - Green Day
Breakfast: Toast topped with cottage cheese, cup of tea with milk. Banana.
Lunch: Pasta with quorn mince and some frey bentos meatballs, celery, peppers, chilli.
Dinner: ikea fish and chips and 4 meatballs, cranberry tea.
Snacks: Glass of milk. Nectarine. Watermelon. Large piece of lemon cake.
Syns 35?!
Pedometer 8955

Day 22 - Green Day
Breakfast: Bran flakes, milk. Nectarine
Lunch: Toast topped with ham and cottage cheese, tea with milk. Cucumber sticks. Nectarine.
Dinner: Nando's; Veggie pitta- arrived with mayo. Macho peas. Spicy rice. 1 Chicken wing. Peri Peri sauce.
Snacks: Options hot choc
Syns 20
Pedometer 6112 steps

I need to plan a bit better, my syns are too high. Eating out or using ready meals can be a pain for me to work out on the syns. I break it down as much as I can but I'm never sure how accurate my estimates are. I suppose some calculation is better than not logging it down.
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S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 23 - Red or Green? I don't know what day!!! :cry:

I messed up completely this day, I'm not even going to attempt to record what I ate or how many syns I had today... just been stuffing my face since midday :( Weigh in on Monday.

New targets for this week:
*Under 15 syns per day
*Pedometer count totaling a minimum of 70,000 each week/10,000 a day
*Exercise 2 times a week
*No English tea/tea with milk except in the morning - the association of tea with milk attracts cake and biscuits... too many cake and biscuits! :(

S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 24 - Red Day
Brunch: Toast topped with gammon and spinach omelette, tea with milk.
Dinner: Beef fajitas; onions, peppers, avocado, salsa. Mixed leaf salad with tomatoes & cucumber.
Snacks: Glass of milk, half a curly wurly.

Syns 11.5
Pedometer 2728 steps

Yesterday's pedometer count: 9773

A much better day syn wise, much better planning of the day's meals- I had less to plan- only 2 meals as I woke up close to midday!
I don't know why I chose to do a red day, I was a bit worried after I made my brunch, but it worked out okay :)
Anyway, tomorrow is a new start to another week and I'll try hard to stay on track. It's hard as I'm still doing this at home on my own, but slowly slowly I should get there. I've been more active lately, walking loads, so I do *feel* fitter :)
S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Okay start of a new week, I will attempt to be on the plan and do the best I can! (Cut and paste of previous post)

*Under 15 syns per day
*Pedometer count totaling a minimum of 70,000 each week/10,000 a day
*Exercise 2 times a week
*No English tea/tea with milk except in the morning

was okay, I have had 15syns no more no less- talk about cutting it fine! After dinner I did have a packet of crisps bringing it up to 15. I stayed the same weight this week. I did over do it with the syns since being on the plan and I think the only reason why I didn't put any on this week was because I have walked as much as I could. Next week more walking and less syns!! But, I'm on an early shift so I must try and get up earlier! :eek:

Day 25 - Red Day - Weigh in - STS

Breakfast: Toast topped with ham and scrambled egg. Tea with milk.
Lunch: Toast topped with smoked mackerel. Cooked prawns. Cucumber. Yellow peppers
Dinner: Turkey mince stir-fry with veg; sugar snaps, mangetout, cauliflower, broccoli and chillies. Cous cous.
Snacks: Watermelon, an orange, crisps, glass of milk and a rollmop - not at the same time!!
Syns 15
Pedometer 9021

S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 26 - Green Day
Breakfast: Toast, butter, marmite, coffee and kitkat- dark.
Lunch: Jacket potato with peppers, beetroot, ham, quark
Dinner: Spaghetti and meatballs, spinach, reduced fat cheese.
Snacks: Kitkat, banana
Syns 15
Pedometer 7429

Day 27 - Red Day
Breakfast: Bran flakes, coconut milk
Lunch: W/meal tortilla wrap, ham, quark, peppers, salsa, cheese. Plum.
Dinner: Pan fried mackerel, boiled cabbage, boiled rice.
Snacks: Oatcake, 1/2 banana,
Syns 12
Pedometer 7717

I didn't fancy having bread today, so I opted for a wholemeal tortilla wrap instead, I added 3 more syns - I hope that evens it out- it's likely to be a one off, I hope it doesn't do too much damage to the plan.

My exercise is rubbish this week, I've not gotten up in time to have enough time to walk the part of the journey to work. I couldn't do it on the return as I had to get home as soon as possible to catch the decorators- but they didn't turn up today :mad:
I've also been working in the baby room this week, so it means a lot more low level activities and sitting on my butt more! No Lindy hopping either today, as I needed to get home, Grrrr....
S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 28 - Thursday - Intentionally Green,but messed up my days
I had good intentions for Day 28 and I packed a lunch and everything, but whilst at work a colleague and I decided to eat out for lunch, so I left my lunch in the fridge and went out. I choose homemade burgers on panini, it came accompanied with some wedges and a salad too. I asked for the burger to have no mayo and I asked the salad to be dressing free, so I was aware of what I was eating. Whilst eating I did think what day is this? Green or red?! So the rest of the day I didn't do so well and on the way home I ordered Chinese- a beef curry with boiled rice, a large pancake roll and prawn crackers (that came free) that I picked at, probably had about 5.

On a syn level I haven't even tried to calculate it, I don't know how to start! but on a calorie level it's around 2,250 calories (which is high) I did think when it comes to days like this, I think as long as I keep tabs in the foods I eat one way or another I know where I would stand. I would opt for calorie counting if it didn't mean weighing everything and it didn't take so much time as I do actually enjoy tallying up the numbers at the end of the day, but I just don't have the time.

At the start of following the SW plan I did add up a couple of days foods and it worked out I was eating around 1300 on a good day using very few syns, more (obviously) when I used up all my syns.
Anyway, I was thinking that if I do lose track about the foods I'm eating or I can't make up my mind about what day it was going to be Calorie Counting I would fall back on - as a safety net*. SW at the end of the day is easier for me to keep tabs on, so it's still my first choice.

I still haven't updated the last couple of days, but the house needs sorting, so I'm off to mix some mist paint to paint over the newly plastered walls.

*If I could wrap my head around Extra easy days, then that could also suit me, but how ever much I've read the info and had a look at other member's food diaries it's just too overwhelming and confusing! :eek:

Pedometer 7375 steps
Calories 2250

S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 29 - Friday - Red Day? Calorie Counting
Breakfast: Bran flakes with SS milk
Lunch: KFC - 2 piece chicken with skin on! regular fries, D- Coke
Dinner: 2 Quorn Sausages, 1 reduced fat meat sausage, Boiled potatoes, baked beans.
Snacks: Pistachio nuts, Gala melon.
Syns 22 + 2 pieces of Chicken
Calories 1833
Pedometer 5791

Day 30 - Saturday - Green Day
Breakfast 2 Quorn sausages, baked beans, Toast, cup of tea.
Lunch: Home made mixed bean soup, half a slice of w/meal bread/cheese sandwich
Dinner: Mixed grill (lamb and Chicken) Boiled rice, 2 tbsp of my BF's Vindaloo sauce. Large salad.
Snacks: Watermelon, Chamomile tea, 2 segments of dark chocolate
Syns 16 added some extra syns for the Indian Take away - it didn't look greasy though
Pedometer 780 :( my pedometer can be rubbish to record steps when I'm not walking constantly, as it only counts steps after 14 steps have been taken. So when I'm at home it doesn't really record much activity.

S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
I didn't concentrate on staying on the plan this week, even though I had good intentions and made some targets at the beginning of week, I could have half stuck to :eek: I was simply rubbish this week. I expect to have a gain of some sort this week.
Day 31 - Sunday - Green > Calorie Counting
Breakfast: Started on a green day > Spaghetti on toast, with some HexA Cheese.
Lunch: Ikea (again!) Meatballs and fries - (at this stage it was to go back to CC)
Dinner: Chicken, prawn & spinach Laksa/Noodle soup (Bf's recipe)
Snacks: Watermelon. Peach. Doughnut.

Calories 1900
Pedometer 7608 steps

I've also got a real bad sore throat, so during the course of the evening, more calories could be added- honey tea, Strepsils that sort of thing.

Weigh in tomorrow, start of another week. Should be fine with the pedometer count this week as I'm on lates, so it gives me more time for a walk in the morning and achieve more steps than I did last week.

Pedometer tally for the week: 50,614
(19,386 steps short of challenge target)

I'm going to look through the fridge/freezer/cupboards and roughly plan for the meals for the week ahead.
S: 13st8lb C: 13st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 31.2 Loss: 0st8lb(4.21%)
Day 32 - Monday - Green Day - Weigh in -181 lbs 2lbs gain.
It was much expected that I would have a gain, I ate so much cr*p last week- mainly from Ikea!
Yesterday's food diary:
Breakfast: Cheese & ham on toast, side of baked beans
Lunch: Cous cous with sweet potato, red peppers and Quorn chicken
Dinner: Sticky Chicken with rice and side salad, Jasmine tea.
Snacks: Alpen light cereal bar, Homemade almond cake- I was doing well until after dinner and my bf brought in the cake :eek:
Syns 20+
Pedometer 9915 Steps

Day 33 - Tuesday - Green Day
Breakfast: 2 Alpen light cereal bars, Tea with milk.
Lunch: Quorn chicken, pumpkin and red pepper with rice.
Dinner: Turkey mince stirfry with holy basil, chili and mixed veg, rice.
Snacks: Glass of milk, cream crackers
Syns 14
Pedometer 10690 steps

Woohoo! over 10,000 steps if I can't do my plan right at least I have moved a bit more over the last 2 days- (mainly as I'm on a later shift) but it's looking confident the walking activity will continue even if I can't keep on the SW plan, would be cool if I could walk off the 2lbs that I gained this week :)

Lots of cake and goodies dotted around the work place as it's coming to the summer holidays and parents always bring gifts for the room. I remember last year I ate 3 Krispy Kremes in one afternoon! :eek:


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