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5g per 100g - does it matter?

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I'm new to this forum and new to Xenical (started today!) and was hoping the experts amongst you can help with this question.

I understand that if a product has less than 5g of fat per 100g then it's low fat which is obviously a good thing but as an example, a bag of Walkers Sunbites (a supposedly healthy alternative to crisps) has 21.6g of fat per 100g but becuase they're light in physical weight an entire bag has 5.4g.

Could I factor the 5.4g into a meal so 5.4g for the sunbites and 6.6g for a sandwich meaning I'm within the target of 12g per meal or does it not work like that?!

Would I 'suffer' for it if you know what I mean!
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it doesnt work like that unfortunatley .... it doesnt matter how much of the product weightwise your eating its always per 100g.. which makes it difficult to find stuff to eat a lot of the time if your new... but it is important as you dont want side effects...



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In all honesty i find it difficult to stick to the 5/100g thing aswell!


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I don't always have the 5% fat or less. Its a general thing anyway that the government push, that if you eat things lessthe 5% fat per 100g's you're healthy but occasionally I have 100g's of oven chips which are 6.4 g's of fat, it's like 5 chips. But other then that I do try. It's hard though if you completely restrict yourself/

I have NEVER had any problems when I have eatenslightly over 5% per 100g's
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i found this and it seems relevant!

Doing the Fat Math

By: Reader's Digest
Nutrition labels list total fat content, but that number may not tell you everything

For instance, you should take into account:
Percentage of calories from fat. Most labels don’t tell you this number. To figure it out, divide the fat calories per serving by the total calories per serving and multiply by 100. So a food that contains 90 calories per serving and has 30 calories from fat would get 33 percent of its alories from fat. A food that gets less than 30 percent of calories from fat is considered a relatively low-fat food; food that gets less than 20 percent of its calories from fat is considered a low-fat food.
Fat you add. Combination foods and mixes, like Hamburger Helper, often have two sets of numbers on the label--one “as packaged” and one “as prepared.” If the “as packaged” numbers are good and you can prepare it with low-fat or nonfat ingredients, the product is a good choice.
Servings per container. Read these carefully; often you may assume a package contains only one serving, when in fact it contains two--and therefore double the fat on the label.
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Oh its all so confusing! .... i really dont have the brains for all this :giggle:


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I have actually found tons of stuff within guidelins that i can have since reading labels!!

Ok so i dont cook from scratch all the time but at the moment i am just coming to terms with changing my diet so cooking from scratch will come later!

I have jars of sweet and sour sauce not even low fat ones that come within guideline and i have them with prawns and rice also a bolegnese sauce i have with pasta and veg sometimes lean mince beef. There are tons of healthy living ready meals in the supermarkets that are usually under 3% fat. Lots of weight watchers frozen desserts thet are under 5% and i even have tesco low fat oven chips that are under 5% i love to have them with beans!!


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agrees with nat , weightwatchers choc brownie deserts are under 5g and soooo soo gud...

theres tons of stuff you can have you just have to read the labels .. its not that hard when you get used to it. xx


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i think im just to lazy! lolz i read labels but i cant be botherd to put something back coz its 6 or 7g instead of 5! its just me and thats probs why i lose slowly! ahh well!! dnt do what i do im a badddd example!!

Im like the badi wearing the black leather jacket and the shades and riding the really cool bike really fast..... how do u like that twist! hehe

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