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5lbs lost this week and over half way to losing 13 stone!!


now got pictures in album
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I'm now 51.10% past my target weight loss of losing 13 stone and have lost 6 stone 9lbs!!! Am so pleased!

Lost 5lbs this week and am now 16 stone 9lbs - 93lbs lost!!!

My BMI is now 37.10 instead of 56.10 so I am soooooooooooooo happy!

Will be getting weighed again this Friday, so in 5 days as next week I am going away for 2 weeks. I have planned what I am going to do and will be doing CD in the mornings and lunch and then eating normally in the evenings.

As I've planned this for months, I know that if I do gain over the next 2 weeks, being abroad, it doesnt matter as I will get straight back on it when I return from Crete.

My main anxiety is gaining too much but I cant let it ruin the holiday.

When I went to Egypt last year I was nearly 24 stone and could hardly fit in the plane chair. I am hoping that this time round, it will at least, be a little easier being 16.9 stone!!!

Next year, when we go away, I want to be 10 stone something!! This is going to be my dream! NOTHING will get in the way of it!!

CD is the best thing that ever happened to me. It has given me my life back. But I am only half way there and this is the biggest hurdle, a planned break away..
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Yay, well done. Enjoy your holiday and don't worry too much, I am sure you will get on top of it when you return. :)


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you truely are an inspiration lilypop :happy096:

and i know that you will come back and be straight back on it!
Bloody hell (pardon my french) but well done you are a true insperation, well done hunni.xx


nearly there!! :)
u will have a brill time on ur hols....spec cause ur soooooo much smaller now. well done on the fab weight loss xxx


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well done hunni that's amazing and a great motivation


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Congratulations on a fantastic achievement. Enjoy your holiday.


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Have a great holiday. You'll fit in the plane seat easily - when I flew down to Cornwall a few weeks ago, not only could I fit in the seat, I could also do the belt up AND the table came down flat too!! That was the first time in years that I hadn't been squashed up and uncomfortable!! So you'll be fine! And proud of yourself, too!

Just enjoy your rest and relaxation: you'll get back onto it all when you get back as you have so much determination.

Well done hun!! Thats an amazing achievment!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday

Kj xxx
What an amazing acheivement! Congratulations hun and enjoy your holiday. Remember to try and keep your water intake up xxx


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I had a planned break for my holiday a few weeks ago, and was really worried that that would be it and I would fail completely. Incredibly I still managed to lose 3lb on hols - did pretty much the same as you - and have managed to get back into SS with no problems :) Think my dear that you are so determind that a little thing like a holiday isnt going to stop you shifting the rest of the weight!!!

Just worked out as well...I have now lost 34% of the weight I want to lose - that means I am over 1/3 of the way there!!! YAY!!! 23lb more and I will be half way!!!
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Oh my goodness, you are amazing! Really well done! You must feel terrific. I started at slightly a higher weight than you (24 stone 6.5lb) and have so far lost 2 stone. I can't wait till I am over half way, I can imagine what an achievement that must feel! I am not looking forward to the plane journey on my hol next week but I know I am now doing the right thing and next year hopefully I can be saying the same as you!

You are a real inspiration. Have a lovely holiday and good luck with the rest of your journey x


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Am blown away - well done!! :wow:


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OMG - You are an inspiration to us all. There is hope for me yet.

A big pat on the back for you x


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S: 14st9lb C: 12st9lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 2st0lb(13.66%)
Wow what a fantastic loss, well done babes. I feel inspired! :):)

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