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6 stone in a year

These are my photo's one what I looked like same time last year at 19stone4lbs, then one taken end of march this year at 16stone4lbs, and last one taken yesterday at 13stone2lbs,
I am now at a stage where I am looking at the end point and deciding what I should be aiming for, I feel very confident now at the weight and size i am, I am around a size 14, I thought initially I would like to get down to 10stone4lbs, which would be a size 10 for me, but now think I want to be a size 12, so probably 11stone and half would be my end target, i don't feel I have to be what i was when i was 18 anymore, I am a 35 year old woman, I realise that my weight will fluctuate so am going to keep clothes in my wardroom ranging from a size 12-16.... as for my cynics out there (yes noted all the bickering, not very nice things said about me, threats to the moderators etc.....bullying....ahem I think you'll find its me that has been bullied here and ganged up against) I am on this forum to keep myself encouraged and hopefully encourage others, we are infact fighting the same disease..... yes it has taken me a little longer to lose then perhaps other people, but I took a different aproach, i started my initial journey on cambridge SS which is probably why I still post on this part of the forum (laziness) but changed to another way because i found it very hard, no shame in admitting that. I hope that my story and photo's will inspire those who can't or find it hard to lose 6 stone in 20weeks SS, who can't get back 'into the zone' as easily as others can, that if you don't mind it taking a little longer you can get there another way, and maintain it. If I can do it then you can do it too..... its not all or nothing there various ways in between :)
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Still a little way to go, I think a stone and a half, think this is the last little bit that takes the longest time but will post a final pic of me in my goal dress, which i want to wear at christmas :) thanks everyone who has been kind to me.... and if my story inspires just one person to try another way, if they find they can't stick to SS like I couldn't, then posting my story and pics would be worth it:) good luck and remember there are many many ways to lose the weight, you have to find the one that suits you!!!
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Hey there, I'm not on the CD, but I'm thinking of starting after seeing your amazing transformation. You look incredible! It really is inspiring. Congrats on your super achievement :)

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Nearly there...
U look lovely and ur hair suits I blonde to. Well dpne
You are an inspiration!! I've been struggling all week and I've just seen your pics and its inspired me to stick to it. Well done!
Not sure what diet you did after Cambridge but this is especially inspiring to me because I had to end my VLCD (Exante) and now I'm calorie counting. You really have done amazingly well and should be proud of yourself!
Not sure what diet you did after Cambridge but this is especially inspiring to me because I had to end my VLCD (Exante) and now I'm calorie counting. You really have done amazingly well and should be proud of yourself!
I came off cambridge and calories counted, I stuck to 1500cals a day and really up my exercise, now I do around 1and a half hours at the gym four days a week, including two personal training sessions, all in all I'm really pleased with my results, my figure is an hour glass, I am the same size on the hips as i am on the boobs, and I have aquired a new fantastic boyfriend too, life cannot get better, still want to lose another stone and half I think to get to a size 12 and will post pics soon!!
Thank you so much for all your likes and congrads!!!!
You look amazing! Love the blonde hair too! What a hottie :)
Wow !! You look fabulous:D:D
A real inspiration
Do you have a diary I can look at x
You are so right about different ways to lose the weight, it's not about the journey but the final destination. VLCD aren't for everyone just like WW isn't for me. Whatever diet people follow is fine. Others use VLCD products like slimfast and others do 100%. I like your pics and well done for your loss. X

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WOW well done you. You look fantastic in your pics, I have just started the cd today and been 18.1 stone. I was thinking in would always be this size but looking at your pics I have been given the lift I need as yes I can do it and yes I will do.
Thank you for sharing

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