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66 syns today :( Whats your worst syns/day??



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Ha ha ha ha ha ha you don't wanna know. I don't even actually know. But if you can tally up the syn count in a 3 peice variety KFC meal, two full easter eggs, one Flake, one Wispa, 5 cups of tea, a whole tube of Pringles and a plateful of white bread cheese on toast (3 thick slices of full size warbies, don't be skimpy on the cheese) then by all means be my guest...

66 is not so bad. So you have 5 syns a day til weigh in then take it on the chin if you don't lose. Next week will be better :D


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didn't add it all up, but you'd be looking at 2 huge white crusty rolls (loaf size :O ), 2 portion size tubes of butter, a mini tub of ben and jerrys, a crunchie mcflurry, caramel custard donut, 10 choc digestives, plus about 50 syns of chocolate. No meals whatsoever.

This was yesterday :(


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if it goes over 15 i give up counting lmao

i went out yesterday had a large lancashire hot dog with mustard and sauce, bag of candy floss 2 donuts and a 100g of fudge eeeeeeek but i did walk 4 miles this morning so im hoping its going to be ok by thursday lmao
59 syns on thursday! Went out for dinner withmy friends. Best of it was, I had chicken wraps, sushi an some mini cheddars!!!

I'm just saving the rest and spending them on alcoho, tonight and I go syn free during the week!

Mrs V

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Lol, Im with the others...I gace up counting, and I know it was way more than 66!! Full cooked breakast swimming in grease, followed by a family size packet of crisps, 2 bars of chocolate..I darent go on!
As the others have said, you can pull it back this week Hun, just make sure you have plenty of water to drink and also eat more ss foods than ususal.

Good luck!


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My worst syn day since starting 6 months ago was actually this week!! I lost count infact but I estimated 105 syns!! Oooooh dear!! Drawing a BIG line under that one!!X
89 syns yesterday, see my food diary! but i enjoyed every minute of it, so never mind, back to it today! Just got weigh in tomorrow, so we shall see the damage ;-) x
went to a party yesterday & couldn't even begin to count the number of sins I had. Made a fresh start today & have now realised that the mince I used to cook the "healthy" chilli is 20% fat!

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