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6th weigh in-not good


Back on the diet train...
well i went early for my weigh in (had problems posting this morning) and i lost 1lb!!! :eek::(

yes 1lb!!! :cry:was disappointed as was good, did struggle abit (as those who read my posts will know :rolleyes:) especially with my water as i was working loads and couldnt be fussed with the need to pee :p;). would that make a difference???

its totm for me aswell so maybe its that. m chemist said it could be and that i wasnt to lose heart as a loss is a loss plus i could have lost inches!! :rolleyes: :sigh:

however this has not made me want to quit or cheat!! :D im still feeling positive as the results i can see so far are great. :)

this week im going to take my dogs out more, drink lots whilst peeing for england :8855:and hopefully next week will be better!! fingers crossed!! :p

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Here we go again!
Don't be disappointed Bex, at least it's a 1lb off! TOTM will affect weigh in and not drinking enough water will also have an effect. Try to up your water intake this week, just think all that running to the loo will count as extra exercise.

Don't be disappointed though, you are doing fantastic!


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Omg TOTM for me if I was doing WW or SW I would have put on at least 4LBS........so 1lb is great ......I know its disheartening but im sure you will make up for it next week........be strong xx


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Congratulations Bex hunny. There are lots of variables which could affect your weight loss and as already mentioned totm and less water are a good bet. Also getting weighed earlier can also make a difference, I know coz I'm scales obsessed lol!

Maybe your body is being a bit slow this week because the chemical reactions which need to take place to break down fat require water. I reckon with a safe increase in water consumption you will jumping for joy next week.

Keep your wonderful optimistic spirit up and I believe you will be rewarded well.

Be good to yourself xxx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Bex, a loss is a loss and that is all that matters . Your losses will average out over the weeks so stay strong.
Chin up Bex, better off than on. I only lost 2 pounds last week and was a little gutted as you get used to big losses, although on any other diet 1 pound would be amazing! You are doing really well.x
Well done Bex, at least it was a loss! The problem with lipotrim (as I see it) is that we all expect huge losses, on any other diet you would be delighted to lose 1lb.
I know I always put on weight when its totm, you'll probably have an even bigger loss next week.
Keep cheerful honey :)


Back on the diet train...
thanks guys!!!

im ok at the end of the day this diet is brill but the weight isnt going to just disappear overnight!!! like glam said on any other diet 1lb would be fab. i think we expect huge losses all the time!!! ;)

anyway heres to another week. good luck to everyone!!



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30lbs overall .... in 6 weeks ... average 5lbs a week! Now thats fantastic! :)


Back on the diet train...
cheers summergurl!!! :D

when you think about it like that it is fantastic!!! :D. how you doing on refeed??

Hey Bex yeah look at the overall weight loss is has been amazing!! A loss is a loss AND it was TOTM AND lack of water!!! Hope this week will be a better week!!



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Im on maintainence now chick and have been since novemeber - its hard but im getting there! :)

How much longer you on tfr for honey?

Sometimes when you think youve had a 'low' loss it helps to look at the overall picture - the weight youve lost so far is amazing girl :) x


Back on the diet train...
aww thank you hun!! :) when you put it like that for me i was like 'omg thats ruddy fantastic' ;). im on for abit yet, i want to lose another 5/6 stone hopefully or until im comfortable. im enjoying the diet this time round so i think im in the right frame of mind to continue to goal. :)

i think the good thing about tfr is the control and the fact that the shakes are all you can have end of story!! all the vits and mins are there but with food its getting the right balance and thats the hard part.

you will get there hun, you had the will power to do tfr so you can crack maintenance!!! you have done so well hun!!! good luck!! :D

Hey it's better a pound off than a pound on hun! Well done for sticking to it and well done for the great weight loss so far. Keep up the good work xxx


Back on the diet train...
ta derek!!! you still on tfr??

cheers for the support guys!! im feeling good and theres no way im going to cheat. im loving getting slimmer!!! :)

You're doing amazingly well... stick with it babe. I know how it feels to be a bit disappointed by your loss...but it's all in the right direction

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