7 days of restart ssing and my scales show I've put on!!


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So I've stuck to the plan 100%. Drunk loads of water and I mean loads 5 litres most days! I've swam and walked. And avoided the scales until this morning! Jumped on thinking mmm 4lbs would be fab! looked down and I'd put on a pound!!!:eek: TOTM due next week or I should say 2nd TOTM due as every 18-29 days! So hacked off I feel like eating half dozen rounds of toast! But I won't....no bread in the house! Seeing CDC later for weigh in and chat.
Just had to get that off my enormous chest!
Kamilla xx
That cannot be right!! I know it is soo depresssing when you've worked so hard and you're not rewarded for your efforts! I can't think what it could possibly be.. water rentention? TOTM due?! Just hang in there.. you will be rewarded for your efforts next week! There is no way you could have put on.. that is just impossible!!!
Zareena, what is so annoying is that I've been up and down on this diet for months and I've finally managed a whole week for the first time since my second week back in February! I normally get to 4 days and cheat. And now it looks like I've put on. Maybe your right and next week I'll lose loads!
Kamilla x
Hang in there Kam, maybe next week will show a difference.

I've always been very irregular with my TOTM but when they do come I can easily put on 5lbs just with water retention.

You've done really well this past week, try to stay positive:D

Kam stop worrying if TOTM is due next week then this is usually the time when u have that shi-ty water retention.
Well done on completing a week,next week u will have a real good weight loss,its not poss that u can gain for any other reason than water retention,stay off your scales hun and just weigh yourself on diva`s scales.
Come on girl be posiitve and strong like the kam we know, take care xxx
That happened to me and i nearly had a nervous breakdown...

Sadly i ate...but that cycle must stop...and its stops for good!!!

Hang on in there...

Hiya Kam

Ok facts are!

You need 2000 calories a day to survive

You are getting 450 odd from the packs

Hence 1500 calories is coming from fat!!

So forget the damn scales as they must be showing water and you have lost FAT weight.

Stick with it and the scales will move but you ARE losing weight.

Oh wot a bugger, Kam!! That's happened to me and it is soul destroying but Mike is absolutely right!! You will lose weight - just keep at it, hun! Bet you lose shedloads next week!!!!!
hi Kam!!

remember that the weight influcuates through the week, and depending what time of the month and all that!!

dont worry hun how did u get on with your councillor?

always free for a chat!
yeh i totally agree with kamiknix,

you feel so crap inside when your trying so so hard and your not loosing on the scales.

i think when you start you really need to see it for yourself. Its TOTM for me aswell, so im just putting not loosing anything down to that. :mad: