7 stone gone


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And i was proud of the 3 stone i have lost, but seven stone is fantastic. Well done.
Just looked at the Gallery of pictures and you look amazing. Bet friends and family think you look fab.
Again, well done and congratulations.


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Well done!!! That's really good. Not too long to go now. You've done brilliantly :)


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wow, just peeked at your photo's as well, you look absolutely stunning, what a difference!! Well done on doing so brilliantly!! yay you!!



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OMG what a hot babe you are!!!!, you have done amazingly well you must be soooooooo proud of yourself, I am only on day 3 myself but you have seriously inspired me

well done xx


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oh well done u thats jsut amazing not far to go now bet u feel on top of the world


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Wow, you look amazing!!! what a great achievement :)


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well done hun. you're looking great!


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What a transformation!!
Good on you. You must have willpower of steel!!


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wow u look fab well done.. can really see the difference like 2 diff people lol and u can see the confidence in the photos..

very inspiring


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well done you thats an amazing thing you have done x


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Well done - your photos are amazing - you don't look like you could possibly lose anoter stone and a half!!!!!

Careful with the booze - I'm a complete lightweight now and 4 glasses of wine gives me the hangover from hell. Cheap date mind!!!

Carol x

Byebye bingo wings

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F**k about! Bloody amazing babe, well done! You look incredible, bet you're beating them away with a stick aren't you?!
Inspired now to keep on even though I really want to eat! Thanks!

Good luck with the last bit you want to lose x


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Well done, you've done brilliantly and you look gorgeous.