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7 stone in total to lose, how much in 8 weeks

Hi! 17stone2, want to be 10 stone. I have EXACTLY 8 weeks from tomorrow till the start of freshers week at uni. I am doing a mixture of avidlite etc, going to do two shakes and a soup and a bar a day as well. I am hoping I can manage to lose 3 stone in 8 weeks. I think this is possible because I walk 6.2 miles a day to and froing from work, as well as spending the entire day on my feet at work. I've gotten a pedometer to calculate what I walk at work! So as I am active well very active I am going to give 3 stone in 8 weeks a go! Does anyone think its possible
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I think it is just about possible to do it, but only on a VLCD. Personally, I think a stone a month is a much more healthy target. You didn't put all the weight on in a few weeks, and it takes time to get rid of it.
Hi there,

Wow i'm so impressed with the amount of walking you do - that's fantastic - you must burn truck loads of calories. If you're doing that amount of actvity you might need to make sure you eat enough to lose weight (how nice!). Hope you're looking forward to starting Uni - you'll lose weight by that time - probably best not to pressure yourself with regards to the amount as that kind of sets up disapointment - but you'll be a smaller version of you by then!

Well I guess I would like to be a size 14 or 16 by the time I go to uni, s I guess its not really how much I weigh. I have noticed my legs are as slim as they can be considering my weight, in fact I look like an apple on two lollipop sticks. I want to leave the old fat me behind, because I was fat when with my ex and I connect both together!


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I've lost 2 stone in a month - but I am on a VCLD. I think you may struggle to lose it that quickly without being on a VCLD - but I wish you all the luck in the world!


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Brill, good luck! I hope it goes well for you :)
well done abigail- keep us posted
Tomorrow is offical start of VLCD, have been having shakes for a week but having carbs in evening so that I won't get brilliant headaches etc when I remove all sugar etc. I've lost some weight already
hey abigail,

we are in very similar situations!! i weigh nearly 17 stone and also want to lose weight before i start uni in oct! annnnd i have also just ordered my shakes from advidlite! iv been on CD before and with that its a stone a month but you find the first month is nearly 2 stone, and because the way we are using avidlite is so similar to CD we should e fine!

we could do this together? would be nice to have someone ont he same diet same stats and same goals!

Hey, I have 7 stone to lose aswell! I start college in October so hoping to get my confidence up a bit and only way I can do that is by shifting this dreaded weight!!

Starting Diet Chef on Friday, tried VLCD's but not really for me.....I cant stick to them :p but good luck to you, dont think it will be too hard for you as you get a lot of excercise :) only excercise I manage just now is walking my dog :p

Anyway looking forward to hearing how your getting on and all the best for starting uni x
I've lost 2 stone in a month - but I am on a VCLD. I think you may struggle to lose it that quickly without being on a VCLD - but I wish you all the luck in the world!
I hope you don't mind me asking this, first of all, congrats on losing two stone!

I've lost 31lbs but i can honestly not see much of a difference, have you had this problem or can you see a difference, ie clothes being too big and things like that?


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Oh how funny, I answered that post before I read this!

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