8 hour diet?

Discussion in 'All Other Diets' started by pepshouse, 6 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. pepshouse

    pepshouse Full Member

    Starting this tomorrow, anyone done it or doing it? I really need support on this one!!!
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  3. happy&healthy

    happy&healthy Full Member

    What is it?
  4. mamaepic

    mamaepic Full Member

    I read about 'The 8 Hour Diet' in Men's Health - Feb. 2013.
    For 8hrs you eat within reason then for the remaining 16hrs no food/calories. So u get up at 6am eat and stop eating for the day 8hrs later. The basic idea is you should avoid foods like sugar, white bread etc. AND you workout.

    There is a book of the same title if you want the full details.

    Good luck!
  5. DiamondDoll

    DiamondDoll Full Member

    I have been reading about this on net!! Havent read the actual book but going to apply it to my calorie counting and 6 x a week weight training.
  6. superclaire999

    superclaire999 Full Member

    Sounds a bit like JUDDD in the other diet section
  7. meoww

    meoww Silver Member

    anyone still here? Im doing this diet now, not much chat about it on the juddd section.

    Im finding it easy to stick within my 8 hour slot pretty much -just occasionally rushed in the evenings to cook tea in time!
    struggling to not eat too much in my window though!
    I think the key is to have two meals and a snack -or just the meals.
    But for me, a diet that says 'no, you dont need to have breakfast!' amazing for me! I HATE breakfast! waste of time annoying meal where I eat weird dried carbs from a box or sliced carbs smeared in fat and sugar or something else annoying. oh and I have to get out of bed earlier for this disappointing event.
    yay for no more breakfast! (sorry rant over)

    Ive also found im not hungry as much in the non eating times now too, which is great!
  8. porkscratching

    porkscratching Silver Member

    I have an eating window from noon until 8pm Monday until Friday - weekends I usually eat around eleven or as late as 3pm depending what os going on. It suits me - I'm a late night grazer - so this regime helps me stop that. Apart from that I'm nearly grain free with higher protein/low sugar. Hoping to lower my body fat and up my lean muscle mass with this - plus loose another stone. Hopefully before end of May.

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