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8st+ to lose....who wants me?


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Hi there, i am aiming to lose 6 stone ish, so i would like to join a team too! so il let you know if i find one! XX
I have about 7st to lose too, would love to be part of a group and have the support to go with it!
People on this board are so supportive!
Hi there
I would love to join a group if you start one... I have shifted 17lb in 4 week but that still leaves 118lbs to go :D
I have been doing a diary to keep me focused -but every bit of help is gratefully appretiated ;)
Hey guys, I think it would be great for us all to support each other, I know it would definitely be a positive thing for me! But I have no idea how to start one! Anyone have any idea?! Xxxx


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I am definitely up for starting our own group! not sure how to though. It would be great to support and motivate each other. Do you think we just need to post something? xx
Morning all

I would think we just start another thread with a suitable title and then off we go... but I could be wrong :p
Can anyone think of a name for the team?
Haha you've got me there! I've never been very creative with things like that! Anyone got any good ideas?!
Weigh-in number 4 for me tonight! I'm always nervous on a Monday, regardless of how well I've done!
What day do the rest of you go to group? Xxx
Hi there corsacar

I'm doing it on-line and I weigh on a Sunday -so mine is out of the way for another 6 days :p

Im trying to think of a thread name :confused:
-out here Plus size clothing is called "queen size" - a much nicer name I reckon :D...so what about something like "from queen size to princess" -or is that decidedly girly :p
Im sure someone must have a better idea....I don't care if its called "large marge to slender brenda" as long as we can support each other :8855:
Ohhh queen size is a much better name for plus size!
I like that name! Nothing wrong with being girly! Ahhh lucky you! I can see you've been doing brilliantly with your weigh in, well done!
What do the rest of you think about the name?
Exactly, this is all about the support :) half the ladies at group I would kill to weigh what they do...don't know why they're there! Know what I mean?!
Hi girls, i think queen size sounds like a fab name, the only one i could think of was 100lbs challenge! Clue is in the name really ha ha but i think that queen size to princess is much much nicer! i weigh in on a saturday, go to a class, but here is fab, keeps me going! I think we just post a new thread here, who wants to start it? xx
Hi losc...

shall I be big n brave and go and start it?....
Go for it hun! i will join straight away so you are not left on your lonesome! lets go for it xx
Eeek go for it Capricorn :) this is the start of something good girls. We can all do this! :) xxx
I agree, it is so comforting actually to know we all have a similar amount to lose, and can spur each other one to do it! in it for the long haul xx
Ok folks...we have lift off.....
Yes please - I have to lose 110 lbs just to become obese!
Blissful babe, we have started team, queen size to princess. join us over there xx

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