9 1/2 litres!!


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Be careful of drinking too much water - that can be really dangerous for you. I really wouldn't ever suggest going over 5 litres unless you are running a marathon or something. I found when I did CD before that I craved water and started drinking 7 litres and sometimes more a day and after a while started feeling really dizzy and ill - turned out I was flooding my system and I got a huge telling off from my Dr, saying it was really dangerous. So please be careful. x


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I drank about 6 liters today as well due to being so terribly thirsty but ciwti does have a point. Regardless of how slowly you drink the water you still can dilute your sodium levels which can cause some major harm. Just be careful :)


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Just to add my view on this - you seriously need to be careful drinking that much water - I understand it as I can easily knock it back but I read an article on a woman who died from drinking alot of water. If you do a google search you will find many other cases of death by water intoxication - one woman died whilst doing the lighter life diet - she had only drunk 4 litres of water. I think 9.5litres is too much - i'm not trying to scare you but honestly it can be dangerous.


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The recommended amount of water on Cambridge is a minimum of 2.25 litres (4 pints) per day with an upper limit of no more than about 4 litres.

You'll find this is more than enough to avoid dehydration and there really isn't any need to drink anymore than this on the diet. You'll still lose weight at the same rate ... and not have to dash to the loo as often either. Result!



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Please be careful dear Charlotte as people (including myself) have pointed out their concerns, including a CD counsellor x


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As said by every1 else please be careful. I have read a story in the newspaper a while ago about a lady dying from drinking too much on lighterlife or cambridge, cant remember which it was. Makes your brain swell up or something.


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Please please be careful. There was a case recently of a lad that died during the (london?) marathon. he was perfectly healthy but drank for to much water. Basically, this is what my CD counsellor relayed to me, he drank so much that he watered down his salt levels, it sits at 2% in our brain. If that level should go below 1% you die. She also told us our bodies can only PROCESS about half a pint at a time, so drinking a whole pint right down is useless.

PLEASE please be sensible with the water, 9 litres so far too much for the body to cope with xxx


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Yep...echoing all others...please be careful...too much water...gets rid of the salt...you need the salt. People have died from this. A lady doing LL went home from work angry that she hadnt been able to drink enough thoughout the day, she drank 7 pints in 2 hours, got a headache, bloated stomach,vomited and died...the headache was a symptom of the brain swelling...very sad story :-(


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I'm echoing the others here too. On Wednesday I'd drunk 3 litres by lunchtime and felt AWFUL afterwards. Really, really dizzy and yuk. Drank very little for the rest of the day and started to feel much better. I'm aiming for 4 litres now.

Please be careful, that's a huge amount of water.


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hey hun hoping you hit the wrong number, as that is a dangerous amount of water to drink, we're only concerened about ya thats all.:eek:


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Charlotte, hope you get back to us....would like see you are ok :) xxx

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It may just be me but I read the title to mean 9, 1/2 litres of water (making 4.5ltrs) not 9 and 1/2 litres.

Surely nobody can drink over 9ltrs a day! x


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Im ok!! I have a very long day, up at 6.30am and I get home from work at 10.45pm so I do pace myself. I thought that you could drink just over 10 litres of water a day as long as you go to the toilet often. I know that you can't down loads of water and hold it in as that is very dangerous! But I went to the loo loads yesterday. I will try not to drink more than 7 from now on. Thanks for the concern, I really will try and not have too much x x


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Why is it that you're aiming for 7L? You don't actually need that much, so I wouldn't worry about fitting so much in :)


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I told my doctor yesterday i was drinking 5 liters a day and he said that sounded way too much and i should be careful.


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Yes, its way too much and it has nothing to do with peeing it out. Your body NEEDS essential salts for your brain to work, if you dilute that your dead. :(


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I second Phoenix above, I think you may possibly have misunderstood... it's got nothing to do with whether you go to the loo or not, it's about diluting the sodium in your body. If you drink too much water in a day, as in 24 hours, no matter how long your day at work, you put yourself at risk of effectively flooding/suffocating your brain... please take heed of what others have said on this matter, paricularly Summerskye who is a CD counsellor.

I'm only hoping you're having 9.5 pints not 9.5 litres... maybe?