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9 stone to lose now prescribed xenical

Hi everyone, I too have masses of weight to lose and have tried everything I am now following the slimming world diet and have been prescribed xenical from my doctor so I have to stay on a low fat det or the consequences are pretty grim i am led to understand. so that is enough to keep me on the straight and narrow I hope i manage to keep it up this time I am off to Africa next year and would so love to be a normal size.
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Hi Dalaney - i'm almost EXACTLY the sam as you - joined SW last week and have also just started taking xenical - lets do this!!!


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I'm on LL now but I have used Xenical in the past and I think it is brilliant. :D I went down from size 26 to size 22 very fast a couple of years ago (and kept the weight off) using Xenical. My average loss was 4lb a week on a 1500kcal a day diet.

The side effects aren't fun (I did it once as an experiment) but you can push the fat up to a certain extent. If you do want to cheat and eat something really fatty just don't take the Xenical within two hours of it!

If I get fed up of doing a vlcd then I'd definately go back to Xenical.
Hi One day at a time yes lets do this ! I am being really good and weighed today and have lost 7 pound this week which I am stunned with I know it wont be that fast all the time but a great start so 13 pound done now and I am raring to go. where do you live ? I am in suffolk how you getting on with slimming world I have now gone to a calorie count as I found it difficult with the sins etc on slimming world and I am eating a lot of the weight watchers ready meals and i couldnt work that into the SW plan x
Hi again - Woooooooooo 7 pounds first week is brilliant news! Great going you! I live near Newcastle. I'm not taking Xenical all the time, as i've found its playing havoc with me toilet movements! lol. I can't understand it because i'm having only a tiny amount of fat in the scraping of marg i have on bread as part of the sw plan and the rest of the day its stuff i've made meself and i KNOW theres no fats in them. Anyway, i've decided not to take the tablets the first 3 days of the week when i'm at work (bit too embarassing) and just try and use them on a weekend. I'm really really enjoying SW - what didn't you like about it?? I'm cooking more than i ever have before and really enjoying that, knowing exactly what i've put into things, knowing its good for me, greatly increasing my fruit and veg intake. If anything, its hard to try and eat the syns if i don't incorporate them into a meal somewhere and PLAN them in. Howare you getting on on your own? By the way, - do you know you can get referred to a weight class now (either SW, WW, or Rosemary Conley i beleive) if you go to your nurse and ask to be referred? I think you have to lose 5 or 10% of your body weight in the first 12 weeks to get another 12 weeks free but it gives you that extra motivation. x


technologically ignorant
Onedayatatime - if Xenical is proving too powerful you could always try Alli, it's the same drug but at a lower dose (although much more expensive of course because it's not on prescription). You may find that your body adjusts anyway after using Xenical for a while, you could always just try one tablet a day.
Onedayatatime even though you had a tiny scrapping of marg, marg is still high in fat ( even flora extra light is 18% fat ).
Xenical effects everyone so differently, some people get a side effect pretty quickly, some people don't, some people can manage to have something like a scrape of low fat spread, some people can't.
Just remember that it's not just the grammes of fat per meal ( no more than 15g), but also the percentage of fat in all food you eat( no more than 5% fat).

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