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A bit glum :-(


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I am new to pp and have excitedly followed the diet to the letter all week. I have pointed EVERYTHING! I have earned 24 activity points and I even had 2 weeklies left.

I weighed myself this morning and I haven't lost anything. My weigh in is tonight, but I can't see that I haven't lost anything.

I feel like my bubble burst.
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Your scales probably wont be the same as WW ones so dont worry. You may be surprised, but if not dont despair sometimes you dont lose even when u know u have tried realy hard and other times you lose when you think you are going to gain. Our bodies are so weird


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I would also say don't get yourself down until you weigh in this evening at WW - i did the same a few times when i used to go to meetings and the scales always suprised me, it's shocking how much difference in weight a different set of scales can make! It sounds like you had a really positive week food wise, so stick with it, and hopefully you'll see some results tonight. Remember WW isn't a quick fix, slow and steady is definitely the way to lose - good luck :)
I tried really hard my 1st week and put weight on! Don't give up I've now lost 7lb in 5 wks which I'm really pleased with. Xx

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I gained a pound this week and have about 20 weeklies left! :( I do WW online so no chance it's my scales either. It's really disheartening and has put me in a terrible mood today but we've just got to keep plodding on to see results.

Hopefully the scales at your meeting will give you a better result. :)


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I have been getting up Pretty much every morning at 6am to go for a walk. And the days I haven't I have done some zumba or just dance on the wii. I have incorporated more movement in my everyday activity (pacing whilst in the phone, or side stepping whilst cutting veg ect). I got a pedometer last week and have been wearing it everyday. For the first time today I actually checked it's accuracy and it showed I'd walked double the steps I had!! Luckly I hadn't eaten my activity points, but now I'm annoyed about that too. It cost me £16! I'm gonna take it back tonight when u weigh in and I hope she can five me a new one see if that is any different.

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