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A bit of therapy - Say goodbye to your fat self

A bit of therapy - get your thoughts out people! Say goodbye to your fat self.

Dear fat me,

I hate the way you control me. I can't wear what I want, I can't feel how I should, and more than anything I am ashamed of you.

I don't know why we met and how we got here, I just remember the milestones on the journey that I can't wait to visit on the way back down. 11st 2 for example - I remember laughing and having a wonderful time on one occasion at that weight.

All this is my fault, but the moods you allowed me to feel has made this friendship sour, so I'm going to have to say farewell. I'm not going to lie, there have been good times. The "glow" that appears after a binge really does feel like a cuddle, but it is a cheat. It fades and is quickly replaces with a darkness.

I'm deleting your number and I won't reply to you any more. No more silly games and NO you won't catch me out. Please leave me because you are destroying everything I like about myself. My happy place doesn't involve you.

Strangely I will miss you, and I'm sure I will think about you often. Still, I have made my choice and these words are the last contact we will have.

So long, and farewell.

The new Leah xxx
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OK, my letter is to my disease whom I call Coe (compulsive overeating).

Dear Coe,
You have controlled my eating for far too long now. Almost as long as I've been alive. You goad me into bingeing and I get all the misery while you get all the glory. You get to eat what you want to eat and remain perfect whilst I have to live with the consequences of bingeing: massive weight gain, poor health, depression and the rest.

I thought you were my friend but you've turned out to be my worst enemy. Your influence dominates my every waking thought almost. Like any addiction you make any excuse to get me to give in to what you want. Well I can't take any more. The more I give in to your demands, the stronger your power is over me but if I stand up to you and say no, you will get weaker and I will get stronger.

I know you won't ever disappear but as long as you stay in the background and quiet most of the time, I can live with that.

So don't expect me to do what you want from now on, I am in control. I want a life and you are not included. So bugger off!

Lyn :p
Oooh Lynn I LOVED it. I actually felt like I was regaining some power over over my eating problem, and I'm glad you replied :) xxx


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Dear Fat CrazyBrit,

It was nice while it lasted. The pizzas were nommy, the cheesecake divine, and all those chocolates every Christmas... well, we used to think they made Christmas special, didn't we?

But I'm afraid it's time that you and I parted ways. I don't love you any less, but your path and mine are no longer joined.

Don't take this the wrong way, but I do so hope we never meet again.


S: 19st7lb C: 19st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 45.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Oooh Lynn I LOVED it. I actually felt like I was regaining some power over over my eating problem, and I'm glad you replied :) xxx
Thanks BG, I thought people would read it and think 'what a drama queen' lol but ya know getting it down and putting it out there makes it more real. I had written something similar in my diary (offline) but it's good to be able to come back here and read it when I feel wobbly!:D I feel like I am taking positive action and sticking two fingers up at my addiction!


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Wow I love this idea and thanks all for sharing I think that I will have to go away and compose my own 'letter' now. Think that I might write it out and send it off in a rocket.

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