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A couple of random questions

Its WI tonight and I am not feeling overly confident if I am honest,I lost 11lbs in 5days last WI so I am guessing it'll even it out a bit this week :)
I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.
Do you have to have the soups,I enjoyed them last time but this time they make me heave.My lst CDC said you should have a few as its not to good having all sweet but my new CDC hasn't mentioned this.If I was to have 7 x Vanilla shakes (mixed with coffee) 7 x tetras and 7 x bars would that be OK?

Also this new Choc orange flavour,I love it but noticed everytime I have it I have I massive rash all over my thighs,very strange but it goes really red an itchy and I get hives.I have had the choc mint and the choc before and its never bothered me so do you think I could be sensative to somthing in the choc orange or do you think its a co-incidence as it only effects my thighs?

Thanks alot (yet again! what would I do without you all)
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No, you don't have to have the soups. Some people just have the tetras and nothing else. It's up to you.

Your previous CDC was probably encouraging their use so you don't get bored.

The bars aren't until week 3 though, but you can have sweet shakes and tetras until then :)


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I have vanilla (made in to porridge ) for brekkie then choc brik for dinner and bar for tea and have done for 105 days still going strong I do keep choc and straw shakes in so I can have a change if required but thats very rare .Dont like any soups so never had them after the first week .So you will be fine hun xxx
Dont know about the rash someone with a similar reaction might be along soon xxx
Not sure whather this is relevant, but when i had the chocolate orange it almost 'burnt' my mouth, it's so strong (I had made it into a mousse). I steer clear of it now.

Have you tried the chicken and mushroom soup? It's my fave, although I must admit I try to have as many different flavours as possible to stop the boredom/cheating setting in (although that strategy is NOT working at the moment), even the odd packs of some flavours I'm not too keen on at least once a week - it makes me enjoy the flavours that I like!


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How do you make the vanilla into 'porridge'? It sounds interesting!
Not a fan of soups myself..I *tested* one and it made me feel really sick :( I think I will be having nothing but shakes for the first 3 weeks and then add bars :)
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How do you make the vanilla into 'porridge'? It sounds interesting!
You do it using psyllium husks which don't contain any carbs or cals ... but have the bonus of adding 'bulk' to your diet so you don't get constipated (does this by absorbing liquid and swelling up)

You make up your vanilla shake with about 300ml of very hot (not freshly boling) water, Pour it into a bowl and sprinkle about 2tsp of PH on top(you can judge how thick you like it when you get the hang of it but start with less). Stir briskly with a fork or balloon whisk until it starts to thicken.
Sprinkle cinnamon on top (if you like it) then eat and enjoy. Other flavours work well too ... my fave is toffee and walnut.

It also works to thicken soups. :)

Here's a link to where you can get it (and a bit more info)

Psyllium Husks Digestive Fibre - 300g tub


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S: 21st4.0lb C: 18st13lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 45.5 Loss: 2st5lb(11.07%)
Thanks for your help, Russian Doll. I will certainly try to get some PH and give it a try.

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