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A fortnight in Turkey on LipoTrim


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I have just got back from my sisters, I told her what diet i am on and that even though the whole family are going for a chinese buffet for my neice's birthday next sunday - i will be drinking a shake :) I also told her that for my daughters 18th b'day 'do' i will not be drinking or eating anything but a shake :):). Then i told her that for the duration of the fornight holiday i am going on with her and 8 other mates, I will not be drinking or eating - but that i will be going to the restaurants and enjoying the fun and frolicks with my shake and water :):):) :eek:

She was sooooooooooooooooo supportive!!! even wanted all the info about this diet as she is thinking about doing it :D

Now i know i have her backing i know for a fact i wont cheat :D:D

She did say 'wot ur not drinking on hols?? :eek:' I said if i did it could be fatal - i was a little over-dramatic but it seemed to do the trick ;)

Roll on my hols!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait now :p
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Thats very commendable Lisa, I'm going to re-feed for my hols in 6 weeks. I wont go mad with food though and luckly for me I don't drink much anyway.
Good for you Lisa, you are made of strong stuff :D:D:D


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well done for being so committed to seeing this diet out until the end. you can still go and enjoy events without succcumbing to food and drink. enjoy all the events coming up
well done lisa that is excellent. hopefully she will join lt aswell and you will have a buddy for all the outings on the water and shakes!!


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Well done lisa that is amazing strength and positive attitude xx


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Turkey where u off too im off on 17/08 to hisaronu

rainbow brite

Well done for explaining it to her, she sounds like she's been really good about the whole thing which should make the holiday on LT much easier on you! :D
My kind'a'girl well done for been so strong, determined and focused. Good for you xx
Good on you Lisa - great willpower and resolve!

Can I also say that in your avatar you don't look old enough to have an 18 year old daughter.



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Well done lisalisa, youo have the willpower that will see you thru to goal.
BTW - you dont look old enough to have an 18year old!!


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well well well, i was sniffing for some lovely compliments and look what i found!!!!!

thanks girls - i was married, mortgaged and preggers at 18!!! :rolleyes:
Woah! you goin on holiday, and still be on LT, I have to say I offically salute you!! I find it hard enough at home twiddling my thumbs on the weekend, but on holiday!!!! Damn, thats brilliant.


On a mission
good luck and you go girl with that kind of willpower!!!!

oh, have a fab time

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