a fresh start-my diary

well i'm new today and this is a fab idea,i am determined doreach my goal but i can't do it on my own,so from this day i will be adding to this everyday just to keep me focused:)

weight at 196lb
todays food has been breakfast ham and coleslaw roll (very very bad)
lunch banana sandwich with cup of soup and 5 grapes (ok not to bad i guess)
tea fresh veg stew with tesco meatballs (only having 3)

already i notice my bread problem hmmmm tomorrow is another day,i'm now off to do some steps on my stepping machine.......
Thank you guys i should really of gone into introduction bit,but when i found the diaries i just had to put in.

20mins on stepping machine completed

I do wish i could take away what i've eaten today,it was only coming across this site and seeing the slideshows and it gave me inspiration.

Thank you xx
Hey Welcome to Minis,
I am new too,You can do it!!
Good luck on your weight loss journey!!!
welcome to the forum and good luck. :D ive also had the thought of wishing i could take back what i have ate on the day but i have to admit i did enjoy eating it at the time. :17729:
Welcome to Minimins ScarletKirsty :D:D:D

Lacey..xx :)
well today was good lots of walking,christmas shopping is a good work out hehehehe
lots of fruit and veg today and a lovely sushi, however i did have a couple of cocktail sausages from my cousin who is with me, i've a new challenge to learn to say no!!!!! apart from that i'm happy with today x
he he well done for today. :D
well been a few days since i've written in here must make it a habbit though i work better if i feel i'm being watched heheheheh

been good over weekend even had a kids party it was hard i tell ya,but i made a point of eating something filling and healthy before i went.

One thing i need to work on is drinking plenty of water. all good so far dreading my first week weigh in though