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A HUGE call out for help and advice. PLEASE!

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Like many of you, i am struggling with my weight.
I am now offically 18 stone 13lbs. I am 5' 7in in height and i am 19 years old. I have a two year old son, and a fantastic husband who is in the British Army.

Right now i am going through the worse thing (weight gain) i've EVER been through, i really really can't do this anymore. I only put this weight on since having my son, before having my son i was a healthy 10 stone. So in 2 years, i've put 9 stone on. I am so disgusted, hurt and upset with myself its un-real. I just don't want to wake up in the mornings anymore, i feel sick looking at myself, literally physically sick!! This is the hardest thing i've ever been through. The main problem though is NO MATTER what i do i can't diet or exercise and i am afraid i am going to die. I've tried to stick to a diet but the same day, i literally feel dizzy and sick without sugar, i hate having meals because they fill me, and i hate feeling full, i just can't stop eating chocolate, sweets and drinking so much fizzy pop. Today i went without fizzy pop and thought i did well, then realised i'd gone through 30 oreo's. I really need some kind of advise or/and help. Even sitting in the seat i am in right now i lose my breathe.

I've tried, weight watchers, cambridge diet, slimming world, slim fast, going to the doctors, in which did NOTHING to help.
I am left in this on my own and physically and mentally cannot do this alone, its the hardest thing i've ever had to do.

Is there anyone who can help me? Advising me what to/or not to eat really doesn't help, because i know what i should or should not eat, i just don't eat the things i should because this over-powering sugar craving is too much. Is there anything anyone can advise. Thank you x
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Your cry for help

Hi Cassie

I have just started on slimfast - I havent really had the time over the last 3 years to concentrate on myself as I have been busy studying and well I guess life just got forgotten. I now find myself with the time, and the desire to lose the weight I need to lose. For me, the single biggest thing is to change my lifestyle.

Like you I am sure, I have tried to lose weight in so many different ways, and each time I lose the weight, without a doubt once I stop 'dieting' the weight just comes back on and then even more just to make me feel bad!

I have decided, and trust me its been a hard decision, that the only way I am going to achieve what I want, which is my goal weight and waist size, is to completely revamp and change the way I live.

I dont know if this is helping, I have only just joined minimins, literally in the last 30 mins, because a friend on the slimfast website recommended it. If you think my support or just what I am doing will help then just email me, the details are on my profile ...

All I can say really, is that its not just about what you eat, its how and when you eat, and how you live your life.

Hope this helps?

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The first thing is you've come to the right place and everyone is here to help.
The second is not to panic, you can get control and begin to manage your weight. You may even begin to enjoy it. Just look at the before and after pictures in this forum, people in worse situations than yours have overcome their problems and succeeded.
Thirdly, there is bound to be one eating plan or other form of weight loss that will suit you. Even if you just start with cutting out one biscuit or packet of crisps a day or switching from full fat fizzy pop to to diet.
Finally, don't doubt your own willpower. If you genuinely want to change I'm sure you'll be able to.

I'm on SW so I can only help you with that and I'm pretty new to it to be honest but there are many people who'd be happy to advise you on a multitude of diets as they've helped me too.

Don't Worry. Good Luck


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Cassie, can I suggest you go back to your doctor, tell him what you have just told us, print this off if you have to, and ask for his help. You should have some blood tests to check you haven't any underlying health problems that are stopping you losing weight for a start. Good luck, you can do this you know, it's all about getting your head in the right place first.

KB x


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Sounds like you could be depressed....maybe post natal depression......the way you describe yourself and how it makes you feel and not wanting to wake up in the mornings....I think you should visit your gp and be honest about your feelings.....maybe antidepressants would help.
Once you have tackled this you would be in a better frame of mind to deal with your weight gain.
I have suffered with depression and believe me the tablets do help once in your system.....even supressed my appetite .....lol...added bonus

Big hugs hun but do see your gp....and of course we are here to help too xxxxx
S: 18st13lb C: 18st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41.5 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Sonya, i think you're right.
I got put on Anti-depressants just before xmas - but i moved to Scotland with my husband and son, so come off them, also in denialthat i even needed them any way. After 4 weeks of being on them i didn't touch chocolate for 2 weeks straight. I think i made a huge mistake coming off those. I am going back to the doctors. Thank you.
cry out for help

hi cassie sorry to here your struggling, i to feel depressed about my weight having lost six half stone four years ago and in the last 2yrs put 3stone bac on, tried healthy eating and exercise and still putting it on. decided to try slimfast and been on it for 3 days so far so good not been tempted to raid biscuite tin yet. iam on antidepressants and they do help so see your doctor.


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we are all here for you honey xxx its not easy but the way forward is willpower and lost of it :)


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Hi cassie209 dont be so hard on your self. Its hard but with help and the loads of support you get here you will succeed.

I'm doing Diet Chef and am finding it good. Its helping me with portion sizes which was a huge problem for me I would eat the same as hubby but not now.

I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you find something right for you.

Kim AKA Shep


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Sonya, i think you're right.
I got put on Anti-depressants just before xmas - but i moved to Scotland with my husband and son, so come off them, also in denialthat i even needed them any way. After 4 weeks of being on them i didn't touch chocolate for 2 weeks straight. I think i made a huge mistake coming off those. I am going back to the doctors. Thank you.
I recognised the signs straight away hun.....I have been there .....and some times I feel I could slip back so very easy......Let me know whenyou have been back as you should gradually come off them too not just stop.....but you need to be on them for a while for them to get into your system.......(((((hugs)))))

Good luck hun xxx


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Really hope your doctor can help you :( Your admittance was the first step, now we'll all be here to help you no matter what path you choose to take on losing weight. We're the same age but you have so many more responsibilities, a son and husband... And you're so strong, it must have taken a lot of guts to write up your first post. Girl power! Totally agree with dundermifflin, I'm on SW too and it just seems like it would be the right plan for you if you still want your chocolates etc. Maybe you could try emptying your house of chocs, sweets, pop, biscuits, etc, for the time being? Out of sight, out of mind :)



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Hiya hun....how are you ???? I see your in Nottinghamshire ...whereabouts...I was born and bred in Nottingham, and left Carlton 9 yrs ago for Plymouth.

Hope you are ok........xxxxx


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Hi Cassie209

Seems like you've been through some big changes - moving to Scotland, having a baby etc. It's probably been a tough year. Just wondering if you have support where you are? It may not feel this way but you do have choices and options. You will regain control and shed your weight. Talking to your GP seems very sensible considering how you're feeling. I'm doing a combination of low fat healthy eating with exercise and quite often use slimming world recipes as you don't have to mess about counting calories or weight things too much. Let us know how you get on. Keep your chin up. x


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Hey, I really hope your doctor can help you and I hope you begin to feel more positive with things soon, especially if he can give you tablets of some kinds.
I'm new to the forum too and It seems very friendly and supportive.
Good luck x

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