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  1. helenfrompoole

    helenfrompoole Full Member

    Hi all, had a really horrible experiance today and wondered if any of you have had this?

    Basically i had my midday shake around 1, went out at 230 walked around town, and then around the quay and lake etc which was about 10k, not fast walking just a leasurely walk chatting with my friend. Anyways, about 5.45 we popped into Sainsburys and at the till I all of a sudden felt like I was going to collapse, i started to sweat, went dizzy couldnt focus on ANYTHING, my hearing got really bad and i felt really really sick- I had to hold on to the check out while i was being served felt sooo ill. I told my friend and she was concerned. Anyway we got up and walked on, and I literally didnt think I would make it to the car I felt so ill. But within a minute I felt fine, it was so strange.

    I have been doing 4 shakes a day for 3 weeks now and wondered if anyone else had anything similar or what it could be??

    Thanks for help

    Helen x
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  3. Lexie_dog


    Its a good 6 mile walk there, have you been building up to it or is this the first big bout of exercise you've had?

    Sounds like a bit of a faint/transient dip in blood sugar.

    I've only had something similar, although not as extreme if I've went a long time without a shake and been out busy all day.
  4. herewego

    herewego Gold Member

    Hi - Did you drink water during your walk? I've felt like that a few times when walking far, but always seems to feel better after I've had something to drink...
  5. Katycakes

    Katycakes Stubborn tortoise

    I had an almost-faint at a friends house, it had been about 5 hours since last shake & had been standing chatting in hot kitchen for over an hour when I went hot, woozy and faint... room seemed to spin & had to sit down and was given a drink of juice which seemed to fix things fast. As Lexie says, I think it was a drop in blood sugar. It only happened once, but after that i was ultra aware & never left a big gap between shakes again.

  6. Enough

    Enough Silver Member

    yep - fraid I had similar a couple of weeks ago.. was told it was very low blood-sugar levels, and that CD / a VLCD is fine, so long as:
    a) you take in more if you do exercise
    b) you keep regular small intake (eg half CD packs every few hours, rather than only a whole pack three times a day)..

    ..anyway.. that's the medical advice I recieved (cause I did collapse).. but I've been on SS+ since, and I'm still loosing plenty of weight, and I'm still very happy to be on CD! Obviously I told my CDC all about it.. we also decided that I'd have a tetra by my bed to have before I got up each morning, cause mine happened first thing (I'd had my last one about 7pm the night before, and it was about 9:30am sunday morning before brekkie, and I hadn't had anything in that time)

    don't know if that helps!! :D

    -talk with your CDC, and take it easy! we're only trying to get healthier, not trying to knock ourselves out!! :D


  7. helenfrompoole

    helenfrompoole Full Member

    Yeah i think it has taught me to always have a shake ready- I haven't done much exercise since being on SS but it was so gentle I'd have hardly called it exercise! Maybe I need to learn the barriers of what my body can do on so little calories- I had a bottle of evian with me but I havent drank as much as usually today only about 2 letres usually do 3.

    Thanks for your help :) Glad its nothing tooo serious x
  8. Sunshine Singer

    Sunshine Singer Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic

    Great advice from everyone.

    Just to say i'm in week 9 and even tho i'm on 810 i've had this happen. I get very weak and can't do a thing, it's not so bad at home but out in public is scary. If i'm gonna be out for a long time I try and remember to take a bar and small bottle of water with me just in case.

    Sorry to hear you had a scary moment. xxx
  9. helenfrompoole

    helenfrompoole Full Member

    Thank you everyone for your kind and informative words- really appreciate it :)
  10. Michelle01

    Michelle01 Member

    HI, thats must have been hell and really scary, I haven't had an experience like that but over the last 2 days I have not been hungry so had my 1st shake late and walked to and from sch at least once, no where near as far as u, only 21/2mile round trip but afterwards felt really hungry and water wasn't enough.
    At the moment I don't go anywhere without a ltr bottle of water with me, not even to sch in the car (5mins journey), hope this helps and hope it doesn't happen again
  11. bmthsue

    bmthsue Full Member

    Glad you're ok, but understand that it was a scary experience for you. Might be an idea to keep a tetra or a bar in your bag for situations like this.
  12. tillyfloss

    tillyfloss Gold Member

    I have never been a fainty type person, but since starting cD I have had several near faints. Always when i have left it too long between meals.
    This morning i went to sports day, then when i got in made a few phone calls (never do short calls) before i knew it, it was 4pm!! I went into the kitchen to get my meal and nearly went on my face...

    I quickly had some water and a bar, and about 15 minutes later i felt a bit better, but it taught me a lesson!!

    That IS a long walk on such a few calories, i can do very little and whilst we are all different, I would say yes learn your exercise boundaries!

  13. curlywurly1234

    curlywurly1234 Cambridge Consultant

    Great advice from the others..
    Probably to much exercise without having enough to drink eat etc.. Take it easy and if you are walking make sure you have lots of water with you. x

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