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A little disheartened....

Hi everyone

Had my second weigh in yesterday, after another week of nothing passing my lips except the shakes and gallons of water, I was gutted to have only a 2.25lb loss.

I think my CDC was a little surprised too, as she whipped out her measureing tape and to my delight I found I've lost 8.5inches all over, so that's something to celebrate!

Would love to hear your thoughts - this weight is going to come off, isn't it??
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my goodness that;s loads of inches in two weeks, ive done it for 8 weeks so far and have lost 2st 5lbs and 12 inches in total, so your inch loss is phenominal, your weight loss will catch up, dont be disheartend, you are doing great, keep it up
The body is a complex and frankly downright moody and wierd contraption! Everyone's is different and everyone loses at different rates. I often look at tickers of the people on here and see 14 and 16lbs on 1st wk, I lost 8 and while I was delighted I couldn't understand what made them so different.

Chin up, it will happen. Your body will do it it's own stroppy way so have patience with it. You are doing everthing right so keep it up. Maybe increase the water a little. Don't be tempted to weigh yourself mid-wk and see if you get a pleasant surprise next weigh in.
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2lbs is good, I haven't been having great weight losses either but the inches are coming off. I have laready come down 2 dress sizes and lost 14.5 inches from my bust waist and hips.

Don't worry the weight will come off!!!


Must do it this time
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Hey jokay,
I too have only had small weight losses,but i`ve lost alot of inches in a couple of weeks(19.5)so dont get disheartened hun,it will come off,
elaine x
Thank you all for your kind words and support - exactly what I needed!! Have realised that I'm mid cycle, so maybe that might be something to do with it - looking forward to TOTM to see a significant loss!!

Good luck to you all too! x
arh hun dont be dishearten with weight loss it still good and ur weight loss is fab hun either why its coming off so dont be upset ull have a great weight loss next wk xx
Lots of factors for a low loss!

Firstly it can be completely normal.
Constipation can be an issue
Time of the month!
Water intake shortly before weigh in. I normally recommend that my clients stop drinking an hour or so before they come as a litre of water weighs over 2 pounds!

In any case, you catch it up, the average loss on the diet is a stone a month and you are well on your way to achieving that! :D


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Don't worry, small weight loses often happen in the 2nd week apparently. It's just your body readjusting. Bet you'll have a fab loss next week!

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