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Hi all

I'm probably going to sound a little 'preachy' here but I don't mean to.

I have been maintaining my weight for going on towards a year now and I have been getting bad migraines (both head and visual) so went to the doctors as I have suffered from migraines for years but never had a visual one until 2 weeks ago so was worried as I didn't know it was a migraine

Anyway the migraines have nothing to do wih this but I had blood tests to find out if it was just migraines and something else came up that I didn't realise, I now have a B12 deficiancy and have to have B12 injections.

This is probably as I don't eat much red meat or oily fish anymore as I always go for the lower calorie meat and fish "more food for my calories".

It may be that my body doesn't absorb B12 very well as your body can store years worth of it as it takes a big deficiancy over time to have such low levels so I am getting more blood tests done but the doctors do just think it's because I keep eating lower calorie/lower fat options.

A year ago I was on LighterLife and getting all my nutrients so this has happened to me slowly this year.

I just wanted to warn you all to try to have a balanced diet within your calorie allowance as B12 deficiency can actually turn pretty serious but doesn't show too many side effects that would make someone like me go to the doctors (I hate them and only go if I'm scared).

I've felt tired and down for ages and get irratable and lose concentration very very quickly which are all signs of it.

There are many other things that a low calorie diet can cause so please make sure you eat enough oily fish, diary, green veg and red meat.

I'm sorry for boring you all but as things such as B12 deficiencies can turn pretty serious (can lead to a very sever case on aenamia which can sometimes kill in 3 years if left untreated) but are very very easily sorted if spotted and treated, or even better to be prevented in the first place.
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Good thread, as its too easy to think hmm turkey or beef... Turkey more cals for sweets. X

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My Aunty was told she had a B12 deficiany about 3 months ago, and she too has to have the B12 shots. She is a very fussy eater and will only eat lean chicken breast and few veggies.

You have made a very good point, since I have been ccing I have started taking multi vits just incase. :)