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A Moan....(sorry...long)

sorry....I don't do this often but do feel the need to vent, get it off my chest and then dust myself off and get back on with things.

I gained 2lb last week for no apparent reason (although it then turned out to be my star week - even still, I never gain 2lb with star week!).

This week I've done all red days, which normally gives me a good loss, have averaged about 7 syns a day, and have varied my HEX Bs and had 7 different ones.

I got on my scales this morning and they're a pound up from last week! :cry:I know, I know....I should wait to weigh in class and in fact, I'm seriously contemplating throwing my scales out because I don't believe in letting the number dictate how I feel that day.

I know that I'm still not really active (I had foot surgery 4 weeks ago so was housebound for weeks) although I did return to work yesterday and I've done more walking these past two days than the previous 4 weeks!

So yes....I'm just feeling really frustrated and feel like these mini goals I'm setting myself (wanting my 6st award by end of Aug before I go on hols) are just getting further and further away.

Right, my moan is over now. I'm just going to keep on keeping on and hopefully a loss will come sooner or later! I guess I could just be hitting a plateau. The next couple of weeks are dreadful for the plan (I have a few social things on) but I'm going to stick with it the best I can.

Thanks for listening! I feel a bit better having gotten that off my chest. :eek:
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((((Hugs)))) babe.

You know there's no reason for a gain, it's one of those things. Throw the scales away (I'm considering the same thing....) and keep doing exactly what you are doing. All will be well.



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Hi Stacey, sorry to hear your week has not been as expected. You've been doing this plan really well,over 5 stone lost is amazing! You know that if you stick to plan the weight will start to come down. Some weeks are a bit of a blip, but next week should compensate if you stick with it.
You sound determined so good luck on getting that 6 stone award soon:)


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Oh Stacey, sending hug's to you, I am really feeling for you today.

Could you still be carrying some water retention from your * week do you think? Or maybe you could 'up' your water?

It is disheartening when you have been doing so very well, maybe you should throw the scales out and wait to be weighed in class, where you could maybe have a loss.

Thinking of you. X

Mrs V

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Stay away from the scales!!!!!

Hugs to you Huni as I can understand what you are going through! I gained this week too, all thanks to that bloomin star week, but you will loose it again before weigh in....dont get on the scales though until then!
Thanks ladies. I'll definitely just keep sticking with it. Could be that I'm just having a plateau. Will speak to my C tomorrow at class if I've had a gain.

I fill in food diaries every week so I'll take mine to class tomorrow and see if she can pinpoint anything that's gone wrong. Last time I did all red I lost 4lb! Really baffled but will carry on!


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Stacey - Don't use your own scales - I got rid of mine because I was forever getting on & off then being disappointed but then getting to class & finding I had lost, your own scales are never as accurate.

As for the gain - it could be from the star week, I sometimes can gain 2.5 in start week then on others (like this week) I lose 3.5, it makes no sense to me at all, I also do believe that we all need a reak from thinking about SW every now & again & when I get to the point where I am really struggling & the weight is barely changing I book a holiday week at group & take the pressure off for just one week, I find it really helps me & the following week when I get back on plan I am so much more motivated & normally have a really good weightloss, I know it will not work for everyone but it might be worth you having a go & seeing how it works with you.

Good luck with your WI this week!
It's so frustrating and de-motivating isn't it *hugs* but a little moan is just the medicine.

I echo what others have said. You know this plan so well, and you're amazingly good with sticking to it, varying your foods, creating tasty meals...you do know what works for you normally, so the best thing to do is just keep doing it, even though you might not feel like it at times, and you know you'll break through this mini-plateau.

That 6 stone award is in sight! Just read that again - 6 stone award! That is phenomenal!!!

Chin up chuckie. Make yourself something delicious for lunch and concentrate on what you've acheived so far. You're fab.
Thanks ladies! You gals are the best at cheering me up!

Have realised, too, that since my surgery (TMI....) I have been a bit constipated. I realised yesterday that I couldn't remember when I had last been! It seems I can go a few days without going to the loo so I'm going to try out some prunes and maybe get a fibre supplement to see if I can get things going again.... (sorry for the TMI!)
That's the spirit Stacey - this is just the place to vent your feelings, where everyone understands what you are going through. The frustration is immense, but you have done so well thus far, you know that the plan works, and maybe your Consultant will be able to pick something up from your diaries - congratulations on still keeping a diary at this stage. But please don't get disheartened again if she can't. As others have said, sometimes these things just happen for no apparent reason. So, stick with it and Very Good Luck.


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It's frustrating when the goal you want is just beyond the edge of your fingertips... you can so nearly reach it but something gets in the way! But... don't lose sight of the fact that you've already lost 5 STONE!! That's humongously amazing! And if nothing else, the thought of that burden being lifted from you should make you jump for joy!

And one more thing, suspend your disappointment until you've stepped on the scales at class. You might find things aren't as bad as you think!

Oh, one more one more thing... I just wanted to give you a ((hug)) because you're so amazing. :)
Let us know how you get on this week when you get weighed. All the others have said everything I would have said myself and I have found this last 1/2 stone a real b***er to shift. I really want to change my stone number this week as I have really struggled to change it, hovering dangerously close to it most weeks but never managing it. I am determined to do it and another few lbs will take me to 5 stones lost, although in class it is only 2 :-( These plateaus are hard work, but will be worth it, so be strong and get through it.
Stacey I know how you must feel and the bowel thing may be the contributing factor - and drinking fluids and upping high fibre should help. Can I ask, when you had surgery did they put you under or give you meds? If so, that can affect your body chemistry and it can take a little while for the body to adjust itself and expel the unwanted chemicals.

Please stick in there, as I'm sure it'll all come right. You are such an inspiration - losing almost 6 stone - I'm sure your absolutley chuffed with your self anf rightly so!

And I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your recipe ideas, I spent hours this morning looking through the posts and the items I liked the look of were, more often than not, posted by you. So thank you hun!

Hugs & best wishes! And stay off the scales :)
Just to add my view to the already fantastic advice.....I am really beginning to view 'mini-targets' as the enemy.

It seems that increasingly on here people get despondant because they haven't quite got to where they want by a specific date. I really think there is a danger to putting ANY kind of pressure on regarding losing weight. I would be very tempted to ditch targets of any sort and just do it in your own time, whatever that may be. I feel that so many times on here people have given themselves unnecessary pressure and there are only 2 outcomes from this pressure: You either achieve what you set out to do and feel like you have ticked a box OR you don't get there and feel really bad. Neither of these feelings is particularly inspiring or helpful. Maybe just aim at losing, at your own body's rate (which is NOT a machine) and enjoy every loss when you are lucky enough to get one?

Hope you feel better soon and am sending you lots of hugs to try and cheer you up ((((((((hugs))))))))



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I really agree with cocktailprincess. I yo-yo'ed for years, always setting myself targets and getting disheartened when I hadn't hit them. I was a slave to the scales and it was pathetic just how the numbers could dictate my whole mood for the day! I think I only started to make progress when I decided I was in it for long as it took, targets be damned, and I got rid of the scales for the first year of losing weight!

You've lost a phenomenal amount and you're looking absolutely gorgeous. It'd be the height of nuttiness to let those stupid scales make you feel down when you have so many reasons to feel good! Stick on a gorgeous dress and strut your stuff and enjoy that slimness. Ever considered that the 2lbs may have gone on the right places?! ;)
Thanks again ladies! Your support has overwhelmed me and really helped me this week through a tough patch.

I'm pleased to say I lost 1/2lb this week, which isn't great BUT it's better than the gain I thought I was going to have! So my scales are being hidden this week and I'm not getting on them at all this week. Will continue to have a good week - that's all I can do!

You guys rock!!! xxxxx
Can I ask, when you had surgery did they put you under or give you meds? If so, that can affect your body chemistry and it can take a little while for the body to adjust itself and expel the unwanted chemicals.

And I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all your recipe ideas, I spent hours this morning looking through the posts and the items I liked the look of were, more often than not, posted by you. So thank you hun!

Hugs & best wishes! And stay off the scales :)
Yes, I had a general anaesthetic and I'm now on aspirin for a month. I do think that has something to do with it! Everything is a little sluggish and getting back to normal!

And thanks for looking at my recipes! I like to try and post things that I think are yummy and not 'diet' food so that people realise what good food you can have on SW!!

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