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A question about when I can join the maintenance forum?


Silver Member
Hi All

I just thought I'd post a thread and ask when you all joined the Maintenance forum, and whether you think I should wait a bit longer? (honest answers are fine :) )
I have been on CD since January this year, did SS until about 6 weeks ago, when my losses stalled, then was put up to SS+, and now my CDC wants me to go up to 810 as my losses have slowed right down again.

I won't be going to the 1000 plan til I get to 10 stone 10 ish so another 23lbs, but I will be doing 810 til then, but not sure whether I'm welcome over onto Maintenance just yet as I still have that big chunk still to lose on 810. If I'm not just yet, that's fine, I'll wait a while longer. I've just been shadowing a few of you for a while, and seen a few have come over on 810 (but maybe closer to goal than me).

Anyway, you're all so inspirational to me, so I wanted to tell you so too!

Claire x
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I've read my previous post, and realised I'm not a maintainer yet, so I think I've answered my own question. I'll stick to 100% forum for now, and be back in a few months when hopefully I 'deserve' to be here.

Take Care for now and keep up the good work


Stubborn tortoise
Hi Alex,

I can only speak for myself, but I don't think it would be a problem for you to start a diary on here. I started mine before getting to target, although I was near, and I wish I had moved over sooner as it helped me to get focussed. I think maybe there should be a forum for 810/1000 steps as I felt a bit odd-one-out for a while on main forums where most people were doing SS or SS+... but I did 810 for ages so I did get into it in the end. And like you, I found a LOT of inspiration by haunting the maintainers forum!

I don't know if it matters whether you do a diary here or on main forum, but do start one, it really helps and can help you to stay motivated for those last 37lbs. You have done brilliantly so far, and your pics are amazing!

Good luck whatever you decide to do...



Stubborn tortoise
PS... don't think we have been ignoring your thread, that's not the case... this forum is just pretty quiet in the daytime, that's all! I think you will get some more feedback this evening!



wants a pony
......and here i am back from work!! Cheers Katy for holding the fort!
Now Alex, you start a thread whenever you want to, you are after all, maintaining the weight you have already lost. As Katy states, sometimes having a whole thread to ponder stuff and write down what is going on in your life makes a difference. Do it!!
Ps, piccies look fab! You can really see the difference x

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