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A question for big losers.

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by Sophster, 11 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Sophster

    Sophster Member

    Hello all.

    I wanted to ask a question to those that have lost or are on their way to losing a large amount of weight (10 stone +).

    Does it take longer for it to be noticeable that you've lost weight, and to feel and see it for yourself?

    I've lost almost 5 stone and still have a long way to go and don't get me wrong, I feel different and my clothes are too big, etc.. but I still look big and I'm wondering if I'll ever actually look slim.. It doesn't feel like it at the moment!

    People tell me I look different, but I don't feel like I've really changed that much, yet others who have less to lose obviously show it quicker.

    That was a bit babbly wasn't it? Sorry! ;)
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  3. coughdrops

    coughdrops Silver Member

    I think regardless of how much you have to lose in total you can be plodding along for quite a while before people notice. Then all of a sudden it's like everyone comments that you've lost weight. It's weird, cos it's not like you've all of a sudden lost it over night, but for me it seemed like once one person noticed, loads did. And I'd had a gain that week!

    Also, it takes longer I think for you to see it yourself, you spend a long time looking at a larger size that it takes a while to adjust mentally to a smaller one.

    Well done so far, your stats are brilliant!
  4. RM07

    RM07 Silver Member

    Have you had a look at the motivational photos for people with bigger losses? Maybe they could spur you on a little as sometimes it's so hard to see how far you've come when you still have a long way to go. If you stick at it though of course you will reach a point where you catch a glimpse of your reflection and thing 'wow, look at me, I'm slim'. If you stick at it that WILL happen someday.

    Good luck and well done with the amazing weight loss so far... it's very inspirational!
  5. Toga

    Toga Member


    I personally have lost just under 14st since beginning to lose weight and I have to say, and its something I have mentioned within my group / with friends a few times too, that I STILL do not see any difference in my body shape at all when looking in the mirror.

    I can see the change when looking at pictures taken across the time I have been loosing weight, and obviously my clothes have gotten considerably smaller (though I still have a long way to go), but my head will simply not see any difference in myself in the mirror and it can be quite disheartening when that happens, however I just go back and look at my comparison pictures to see I have clearly changed.

    On a side note, when friends and family do point out how much I've changed, I never can know how to take it properly. As much as I appreciate the compliment, I cant help but think "But I'm still fat, I still have so far to go" and when people say "You must be so proud" simply no, I'm not and I wont be until I reach where I want to be, why would I be proud of half a job?!
  6. Siggy74

    Siggy74 Silver Member

    I havent lost as much as some people but have noticed a few things. People didn't notice my weightloss until i was at least the 3 stone mark. Im only really noticing it myself now but in very small doses. Ive got weigh in tomorrow and hoping to get my 6.5 stone award. My scales at home say ive lost 3lbs this week but who knows what might happen on the SW scales. It's little things like fitting in chairs and not taking them with you when you stand. Or being able to fit on the bus next to someone without your backside half hanging over the side :p In my mind i still feel like a 20 stone whale but when i look at pictures of me now I calm down and not let it get to me so much. It really takes the brain a lot longer to catch up. Cant wait to see what this summer brings, exciting times ahead. You're doing great so keep going and the rewards will pay off big time for you. Good luck to you all xxx
  7. Superfree Princess

    Superfree Princess Silver Member

    Im the same loss as Siggy, hoping for ny 6.5 stone award tonight. It took 4 stone before anyone noticed, I think partly as I was still wearing the same clothes. It takes ages for our heads to carch up with our body. I've been asked lots don't you feel better, I usually reply with I don't feel any different. Then if I go to the cinema will think actually I don't feel as uncomfortable in the seat etc. You're doing brilliantly :D

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  8. gazter

    gazter needs to get a life

    I've lost nine stone.. so close. Dont worry, it took ages in the mirror for me to feel different. I would look at the five stone gone, but still see me in the mirror. Its just a time lag thing. Be absolutely sure most people are noticing.

    From 10% onwards of body weight it becomes pretty noticeable. Some people dont register though. They see someone as fat, and even after five stone, they still see that person as fat.

    I didnt see it myself really, until i dropped below 30 bmi, then over the period of a month or two getting to 25 bmi i completely changed how i looked and people stopped recognising me.

    Enjoy the journey, you have done tremendously well so far. People talk about it 'slowing down', dont let that influence you, you can keep on losing at the same rate for a long time as you keep to plan.
  9. gazter

    gazter needs to get a life

    Good idea! When i was in doubt, i would compare myself watching shows like Biggest Loser (US), I would look at the contestants who started at a similar rate to me, and how different they looked having lost a similar amount to what i had lost. When they showed the pictures next to each other it drives home just how different you are.
  10. Sophster

    Sophster Member

    Thank you to all of you so much, you have definitely reassured me somewhat and I know that eventually I'll get to where I want to be.

    Thanks for the advice too. I love looking at before/after shots, they inspire me lots!
  11. ColJack

    ColJack Gold Member

    I've lost 17st on slimming world but still see a fat guy in the mirror...
    Not as fat as he used to be but I think I'll always see him.
    When I saw the photos of me in the mag it was strange because that's not what I look like in my head.

    I keep a belt from when I was really big to remind me how far I've come. It nearly reaches round me twice now :).
  12. Rochelle1

    Rochelle1 Gold Member

    My under 9st weight loss seems tiny in comparison to people who've lost like 14st! To be honest yes, I do feel slim. Sometimes feel a bit fat but we all have days like that don't we? But when I am fitting into a size 12 after being in size 24's I feel great ;) you will get there I know it'll seem like forever away, but just take it slow and steady and the mind will catch up with the body!
  13. Sarah10098

    Sarah10098 Full Member

    I'm glad it's not just me that feels like this! I've only lost 1st 11lbs up to now and do feel like giving up because I can't see a difference and when people comment, I tend not to believe them because I'm still the same size.

    I do have a friend that has lost 5.5st and to see the change in her is amazing - and she still feels big!

    Hang in there, it will change and you will start to feel so much better in time. Keep an old picture to look at and remind yourself of how far you have come xx
  14. emma_88

    emma_88 Silver Member

    Wow, amazing losses from people following the SW lifestyle, absolutely amazing!

    I got my 7 stone award last night and to be perfectly honest I still see myself as the chubby girl I was when I first walked into my first WI at my class. I fit into smaller sized clothes but I think I'll always see a 'bigger me' than what everyone else does. Hopefully something will eventually click and I'll see the new skinnier me.
  15. Siggy74

    Siggy74 Silver Member

    Congrats on your 7 stone award Emma, fantastic :)
  16. Aissa

    Aissa Member

    If I look in the mirror I see no change.

    But if I compare photos from when I was bigger then holy crap do I see a difference! I use an iOS app called "picstitch" which makes it easy to put two photo's together.
  17. Sophster

    Sophster Member

    Thanks again everyone! All your losses are all very, very inspirational and your words of encouragement are appreciated!
  18. MollyMolly

    MollyMolly Silver Member

    I agree with so many of the others ... I've lost just over 6 1/2 stone so far and it's only in the last few weeks that people have started commenting. I think that's partly down to the fact that I too was still wearing my size 30 clothes until very recently (I'm now in some 20's that were lurking in my wardrobe), but I was handed an insight into why people don't comment when a Dr whom I've known for years dropped into work...

    We were chatting generally and I said to him jokingly 'you were supposed to come in and immediately tell me how much weight I've lost', to which he replied (very seriously) 'you have and I noticed straight away, but I didn't say anything because I didn't know if you wanted me to bring attention to it'. I guess that in the main people have been ignoring my size like the elephant in the room (as it were) and then they aren't sure WHEN the right time is to mention what they have always regarded as a taboo subject.

    As for my own perception .. well I can't ever see a time when I'll look in the mirror and not see a size 30, or when I won't automatically reach for big size clothes, but that aside I can feel the difference in what I can do and it has made such a huge difference to my life in so many different ways :)
  19. kuriosity

    kuriosity Member

    That makes sense MollyMolly. People do notice but don't know when/if it's okay to mention it. I've found even some of my closest friends kinda build up the courage to pay me a compliment... But then again once it's said once the compliments seem to flow more easily :)

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  20. MollyMolly

    MollyMolly Silver Member

    Interestingly I've lost another 2 and a bit stone since my post - so just over 81/2 in total now and people who haven't seen me for a while are literally not recognising me. I say hello without thinking, to be met with blank looks while they frantically search their brains as to who I am, closely followed by compliments. People who know me well and see me often on the other hand rarely comment even now.

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