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a question???


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I think it is right but dont quote me,but i couldnt do that as id be eating and other things other than meat would slip through.And i think were all on lipotrim as we cant stick to a heathy eating plan as we think if were bad we can cut down another day so not eating is good for me,and it gives me time to sort out my overeating problems while im on lipotrim
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same as me i couldnt live on stacks of meat and eggs anyway. its all or nothing for me im afraid


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I guess its the calorie count? And I suppose the high content of fat in the atkins diet. I remember doing it and I slipped so often, I just couldn't resist stepping over the line. At least this way i know I can't cheat!

There is probably a scientific explanation as well....but I have no idea what it is! :)
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I have done atkins in the past. I lost over three stone (which was all I needed to then -God I'd love that now! lol) and I felt absolutely amazing on it. You can do atkins healthily, (white meat, fish. Steaming/grilling instead of frying. The salad and veg portion of the diet is very often more than a lot of ppl ate before the diet too! lol) but it takes more willpower than LT if you ask me. And of course the calorie content does play a big part in the speed of your losses. LT's success lies in the Ketosis AND calorie deficit. You'd never make that impact on Atkins.

The reason you cant cheat and eat something high in protein or lacking in carbs whilst on lipotrim is to do with the glycerine stores in your body. It's all very scientificy and explained on the Lipotrim DVD. All I know is 'Food?...NO!' lol


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Im the same...
I started weight watchers.. which i was enjoying and then was informed i was meant to be weighing out my portions etc...
I cant do that... I eat until im full, but eat quickly so dont realise how full i am until ive eaten far to much than a normal "healthy" portion..

Basically im greedy... lol... So this is a good diet for me as i know exactly how much im allowed and what im allowed, and i dont have to measure out my own portions :D
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with atkins you are in ketosis but as previously said the calorie deficit is not as huge.. also I would think it unhealthy to try to stay in ketosis for long periods of time.. the body will fight as hard as it can to get out of it.. the atkins diet does work.. but at one point you will have to eat healthily ie; not removing a whole food type from your diet, such as carbs.. carbs are nessecary to function and without them long term you could have a number of health problems... a high protien diet is the way forward, high protien, low fat, high fibre, with slow release carbohydrates such as wholemeal rice/pasta/bread.... with the atkins you are consuming foods that will lift your choloestorol and cause fatty deposits in your organs.. the ideas you can eat copious amounts of steak bacon eggs etc. and loose weight is not sustainable.. you may well loose weight but you will not be healthy.. thats why on lipotrim small amounts of carbs are introduced as we need these carbs to function in the long term... you canget bowel problems, digestive disorders etc. if you remove any food group from your diet for long periods of time... and you dont want to be dieting forever, as it isnt healthy... hth x
I wouldnt like to swap to atkins as I would be too tempted to introduce other things into the diet. I am more than happy with Lipotrim for the time being until I lose the bulk of my weight. At least we have our 3 sachets a day and we know we are not allowed any more. I need that strictness in a diet or I would just gradually go back to my old ways.


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I've been an Atkins a few times now. The advantage I find with LT is that you don't have to be organised. I found Atkins hard at work because finding something you could eat at lunch time becomes difficult unless you are very organised and have meal plans for the week beforehand. I couldn't use the Canteen as invariably the meat always had sauces on it or was processed in some way.

I did okay on it unless I was too busy to get organised and then it was very difficult. LT is so easy. You go once a week, pick up your sachets and that's it. You are sorted for that week. This suits me as I have a 2 year old and a partner that works shifts. So instead of making 3 different meals each meal time, I only need to make 2.

Alex :)

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