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A start to a new, skinnier me!

After many months/years of moaning about my weight, yet not doing anything about it, and still continuing to eat...I thought enough is enough!

I've got all my Lipotrim shakes for my first week, and to be honest, cannot wait to start.

So when I wake up in the morning, I will have my first shake, and hopefully make a good start to this weight loss!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Starting weight: 16st 2lbs
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Had an actual break down, ate some tuna, slice of bread and some pringles, at least this is the first day, and its out of my mind now, hope this won't affect my weight loss to much :(

Any way, onwards and upwards!
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Day Three

Well today I feel very in control, I couldn't imagine eating food now, despite the hunger pains.
I'm fine from as soon as I wake up till about tea time, when my mum and stepdad start cooking tea etc, I'm going back to my flat soon, so should be fine when i know no one will be cooking!

Can't wait for my weigh in to see how much weight I've lost!


Reaching the goal
Wow Amy! That's more than what you wanted, right? Seems like your plan is working perfect for you. Good start my dear. Keep it up!


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I'm fine through out the day.

At the moment feelin pretty good even tho I got to watch everyone in wrk eating crisps and chocolate on my lunch break...

But I tucked into my soup :)

It's around 9pm I get the munched so gonna try and hav a shake later about 8ish-8:30 to see if it ll help.

How u doin today !

Im so tempted to weigh to see if there really has been a difference after a day lol.
But think I'll watch till saturday so it ll be hope one big surprise.
Ah tell me about it, I'm fine until i see other people tucking in to foods I used to eat.
Like I'm at home from uni for a bit and my mum is making all this homemade food that I've missed so much and I can't eat it haha!

I'm doing fine today, finding it pretty easy now to be honest, I've sort of got myself to understand that I can only have the shakes.

Although I'm dreading drinking them, because I stupidly said before I started that I would like the vanilla one more, so she gave me like 15 vanillas, and I HATE them, chicken and chocolate ones are my favs, don't mind the strawberry one, reminds me of nesquik strawberry milkshakes haha!

I have my moments where I feel down at the thought of not being able to eat for months, but then remember why I started this diet, and weighing myself every morning and seeing a 9lb loss in 3 days, completely spurs me on!

Hope you have a big loss on Saturday! :)

The strawberry and vanilla remind me of the icing from when making kiddie fairy cakes lol.

I know I think it ll b easier when Uni starts bk coz there's alllllllways stuff to do lol.

I'm gonna give the vanilla and strawberry another go tomorrow and see how i feel or im taking them bk and swapping then for chocolate lol.

Just sipping some water till my 8 o'clock shake :) being good !!

Like u said. All be worth it !

Good luck ! X
Thank you Becca :)

I've lost 12lb in my first week, YAY!

On a different note, the silly woman in the chemist has given me female chocolate shakes, but male chicken shakes URGH was so looking forward to my chicken soup drink! Got half way through it and for some reason it hit me!

Damn, gotta make the effort to go back and swap them now!
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That is impressive for one week. I just started lipotrim yesterday.I want to see 12 lb gone off me after a week too.

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