A Syn Free Day....


Proud to be a LOSER :)
S: 11st4lb C: 9st7.5lb G: 8st13.5lb BMI: 23.6 Loss: 1st10.5lb(15.51%)

Just woke up this morning and already this day is going to be very diet friendly. As I've only just got up (don't judge hehe I spent hours last night trying to find my TV remote which had lodged itself under my bed...) I just had breakfast.

Asda's Bran Flakes (HE - b)
Milk (HE - a)
Sweetener (FREE)

as I have a list the length of my arm I have decided against food shopping today and instead will wait until tomorrow so I can catch the free university bus back from Asda, as opposed to walking to Sainsburys which is smaller and more expensive no doubt.

So thinking what can I have that will be ''good'' for me.

Dinner will include pasta, with homemade sauce (chopped tomatoes, some seasoning perhaps chilli and mixed herbs) and diced peppers, onions and courgettes which i have in my fridge/freezer. Plus, I can make a big batch to either share with my housemate tomorrow OR gobble it all down myself as a lunch/dinner tomorrow.

And snacks? I have satsumas to gorge on between meals.

I realised when doing slimming world before that I do not need to use my syns really. The odd couple here and there for condiments or sauces and that's about it. Hence why I LOVE SLIMMING WORLD :)

Hope everyone has a great slim day xxxx
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