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A truly 100% week - day 1


Shut up Ethel
Having had a relatively good week last week (3lb off) even though I picked a tiny bit, I wonder how well I can do if I am full on 100%. So:

This week, I commit to:

Three packs a day
No 'nibbles'
At least four litres of plain water per day in addition to any tea, coffee etc
No s/f jelly
No 'tiny tastes' of what my husband has.

I was fully 100% for first week, fell off wagon with a thump in week 2, weeks 3 and 4 have been a bit 'nibbly'. I'll even confess to half a sausage on Sunday. But its got to stop! I recognise it is a slippery slope....so does anyone else want to join me in a short week long challenge to totally abide by the 'rules' and see what happens?

Day 1 in the 100% house, and Liz is doing well so far (supply your own BB- voiceover-accent)....
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Going for Goal!
Day 1 in the 100% house - Emma had tetra at 9am, shortly followed by an orange bar. Emma was hungry this morning. Since then Emma has drank 1.5 litres and is about to embark on a wii fitness coach session before the downstairs neighbour arrives home to an earthquake!!!! ha ha ha
day before in the 100% house. Netty has her weigh in tonight. She knows she has nibbled. she promises, however, to stick 100% starting tomorrow. She is summonsed to the diary room, where she breaks down and confesses to being nibbly.

Big brother will be watching Netty all day tomorrow and for the next week.

Will Netty be facing eviction next week? To vote Netty for eviction vote 06. To keep Netty in the running for next weeks weight loss vote now.


Shut up Ethel
Its evening in the Big Bertha house. Liz has had a good day, has had 3.5 litres of water, one choc shake, one choc-tetra-mocha and one choc mint shake. Liz has a headache and needs to visit the kitchen for water, paracetamol and more water. Will the housemates get bored with this third person description, Liz wonders?

How did you get on Netty?
its day 1 of the 100% week in the big bertha house.

Slightly disapointed with the 2lb loss lastnight, Netty is determined to carry on with the weight loss.

25lb in 6 weeks for the nibbler encourages her to knuckle down and be good.

Netty has entered the diary room once again to confront her demons. Netty breaks down and confesses to big bertha that she wants this weight off sooner rather than later and is now back on track.

This weeks challenge of 100% commitment has been set by big bertha.

Will Netty be up for eviction next week?


Mad as a Hatter
I think that this is a cracking way to write your diary

I personally don't watch BB, as I can't watch car crash TV but I know a lot of people are addicted to it...each to their own I say..

Keep up the good work - but I will join you in saying - it's bloody hard !!!!



Shut up Ethel
I hate big brother....
its day 7 in the big brother house. Netty is wondering how everyone else who commited to the 100% challenge have faired.
Netty goes to the diary room and admits she has stuck to the plan 50%. she admits being a naughty nibbler and will report the weight changes after weigh in.


Mistress of the Dark
Day 1 in Gem's 100% house and so far the day has played out like this:

:tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :sign0131: :sign0131: :sign0131: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :sign0131: :sign0131: :sign0131: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :sign0131: :sign0131: :sign0131: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :sign0131: :sign0131: :sign0131:
Day 1 in the Big Bertha house for Banafell...... Banafell is being hassled by 'the man' he is her boss and is making her do 'work' / Banafell has had her first chocolate mint shake (hot) for breakfast and enjoyed it, she's had veg soup for lunch and is wondering how to extricate herself from a 'get together' tonight with friends which involves copious amounts of alcohol (eviiiiiiiiil) and food (argh) her friends are making her feel awful at 'letting them down' and promise not to make her feel bad for not drinking or eating ..... hmm thoughts on what Banafell can do to avoid going out tonight?
banafell could lock herself in the diary room. failing that banafell could fake a headache and stop at home. banafell can do this . good luck
hi there, i had the same problem when friends came down from scotland. I explained that i was doing cd and honestly they were great. i think that friends are quite understanding and yes, good idea tell them you will deffo go next time for a get to gether, and i am sure that they will realise that you need to do this for yourself and that you surely will be more fun next time after having a gap of not getting together!

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