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A truly cheeky request...

.... but if you don't ask, you don't get and all that!

I am totally up for succeeding at LL, but being a "heart on my sleeve" kinda girl, I need an emotional sounding board, advisor, LL guru, virtual counsellor, whatever you like to call it.

Now I know thats what the groups are for, and I fully intend to make good use of them, but if I'm honest, I have to say there's no-one in my group that I can really relate to, including my counsellor. I'm fine with that, but I just wonder if anyone would be willing to be a bit of a mentor for me - I promise I would not be harrassing you incessantly - just the odd private message here and there for advice etc. Most things I can glean from here, but there are times when I don't necessarily want to bother the whole of the board with minor questions etc.

I hope that doesn't sound too weird - it's not meant to be!!! :eek:

Any offer of help greatly appreciated! :)
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hi there
feel free to message me anytime - i'm not an expert, but will help if i can

i wouldn't worry about posting on here tho as everyone is great and sometimes its good to get a range of advice as we are all at different stages

good luck!
daisy x
anytime. but never feel funny about any questions on here too - what you might think is unimportant could possible be something everyone else might wonder about too. BUt by all means, feel free to PM. I think most people will invite you too as we all want each other to succeed. :)



...we're sinking deeper.
I don't mind if you message me either. I must admit I won't always be the nicest person but I have found some harsh words and stark truth realisations do work on some people - it depends on the sort of triggers that work on you. I've asked my boyfriend to shout at me on purpose to put me back in line when I started going off course on RTM. Of course if it doesn't work with you I'd use other techniques...
You have a lovely choice of ladies here, some more experienced than others, different walks of life, and interests. I have never found anyone I can click with at my groups either, but I'm not the most conventional female out there. ... go figure.



Do a little dance!
I'll put my name in the hat too.... Honestly, I think if you message anyone on this board they would be more than happy to give you any advise you need.

Well done on the loss so far.
And me :) I've had my fair share of ups and downs but I'm here.

Emma xXx
This place really is fab - isn't it!
I did find myself wavering in confidence yesterday, but a few helpful words lifted me up again. :)
If you ever feel a little down, you should just look in your own photo album - I just saw your before and after pics, and nearly dropped my laptop on the floor in shock! You are utterly amazing - I can't tell you how inspirational you are to a newbie like me :):)


...we're sinking deeper.
*hides* Thank you... I must admit, I feel amazing now... It can be done, and quite a few of us here have done brilliantly.
Never give up, always strive to go forwards. If ever in doubt, call one of us for help, BEFORE you do anything, if you feel a little insecure, make a post here, dump every single thought into this forum! We will catch you and put you back on track! --- Because we know, it really IS worth it in the end. It will be difficult, and long - I can't say that the last year has been the shortest year in my life, but, a year here is nothing compared to the rest of my life.

:) Here's to a happier, healthier, new glowing you! We're in this together!


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