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Aaaaargh clothes!!!!!


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Please please please I think I need to hear someone who started all this at least a size 28 ish to tell me to pull my head inside.

I have had an extremely depressing trying on session - I have grown too small for most of my clothes - I ordered some more online in smaller sizes but they were too big. I thought I'd order some shapewear as although I can get into much smaller sizes there are bulges all over the place. 5 different types and none made a difference. I just feel really tearful.

I have a few items in my wardrobe I could move down into but they were the first 'fat' clothes I bought when I first put weight on and they remind me of unhappy depressed times. When I used to wear them I would look in the mirror and scrutinise myself and try and find ways to look slimmer and end up hating my fatness. As I got bigger I would just buy the biggest black cover all tunics and tshirts with jeans and never looked in the mirror.

I have lost 3 and a half stone and have another 7/7.5 to go and until I had to look for smaller clothes and look in the mirror I was over the moon with that.

I don't know what to do. I have barely any clothes to wear but buying more is like a mental block now. I think my brain has decided that it doesn't want to wear 'fat style' clothes anymore but they are still the only ones that will fit without clinging to the lumps and bumps.

I am sorry this posting is so rambly and self focussed, I just want to hibernate till I am thin.

Any words of advice or comfort gratefully received and taken on board whatever the clothes size of the giver lol.

thank you
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Hi Peony,
Awww hun sorry you are feeling so glum about your clothes choice at the mo. Looks like you've lost a helluva lot in 2 months so i reckon even if you bought something new now you would need to get a smaller size in no time !
Have you got a before & now picture to look at so you can see how brilliantly you have done so far?
I reckon you should stick with what will fit now (without falling down!) knowing that in 2/3 weeks time you will be down to the next size & in no time at all you'll be buying "skinny" clothes & spendign far too much money shopping :)

Big hug to you
... forgot to say ... Love the bag ! xx
hi there

i remember a couple of months in feeling a bit fed up as nothing would fit and i didn't feel any smaller, even tho i had lost 2 stone. it all went a bit mad in month 3 tho and i seemed to be dropping dress sizes weekly.

i bought lots of stuff on ebay - some of it i never wore as i skipped sizes somehow, but it was all cheap so didn't matter - also tesco and asda have really cheap stuff to see you through

it is a strange time - but the weeks will fly past and you will soon be able to buy 'proper' clothes you will love

daisy x


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Hey Peony Hun

Daisy has it spot on. I wore everything I had until I really couldnt wear it anymore as it all fell off. I then made do with just a few bits and bobs from charity shops, and sainsburys, asda etc. Basics like t shirts and simple black trousers. They were so cheap it did not really matter when I shrunk out of them ;P

I also found I was one size forever, then literally it changed so quickly I was a 14 then 3 weeks later a 12 and 2 weeks after that a 10.

I really would reccomend a few cheap and cheerfuls just to keep you going in the mean time.

Hi Peony
when I started I was in size 26/28. I managed to lose over 5 stones and went on a trying on session. I was really disappointed to find that I was still a size 22 and it made me feel quite down.

Plus I had a few weeks with 2lb losses which also made me feel a bit disheartened. But literally in the last few weeks the dress sizes have started to tumble - it seemed to coincide particulalry with the lower losses. Tonight I went to a wedding in a size 20 dress that I bought 32 days ago but on monday I am going to a funeral and am wearing a size 10 skirt that I bought last weekend.

The skirt is from Monsoon - a shop I never dreamed of being able to shop in. Remember also that different shops have different sizes. I am wearing that size 10 skirt with a size 20 blouse from tesco. In Asda I am still a size 22, in Primark size 18 just about fits me, in sainsburys I'm buying size 14. It's crazy.

I've recently picked up a couple of bits in the sales and some brand new trousers for under a fiver from acharity shop. They only lasted me a week. I then bought some trousers in the M&S sale but a week later they are also too big for me. It will come, I know it's disheartening but stick with it and you'll get there. I'm wearng clothes I never ever thought I'd ever be able to fit into , and it's taking a while for my head to catch up with my body. I don't know how long it wil take but I'm trying to buy a few little bits at a time, making do with a lot of my old clothes for the short term because I know I will get there.

I also still have all the lumps and bumps but they are slowly starting to smooth out a little, and whilst I am still lumpy and bumpy I have to admit to myself that I do look so much better than I did carying an extra 7.5stones around with me. istill have a long way to go, but I will get there and so can you.

sorry I'm rambling now!
Hi Peony

I was a size 28/30 when I started. Sze 10 now, have a few things size 8.
Stick with it. It will happen, but I agree it is hard to get your head around. Yesterday I thought "oh no,I can see bumps showing - then I remembered the dress was size 10!!! Still felt panicky though............



I will do this!
fantastic pics SB, what an amazing difference, you look great.


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Thank you so much you wonderful ladies for taking the time for such lovely and helpful replies to my post. I have taken comfort from them and feel a bit happier about things. SB as ever your pics are an amazing inspiration and remind me that however fed up I am with my body and clothes, I too will have the opportunity through LL to have size 10's that fit in my wardrobe too.

Snorks thanks it is so reassuring to know that the sizes will come down - and congratulations on your 105 pounds. That 100lb must have felt like some achievement. It is really heartening to hear from someone doing so well that they felt the same after they had lost their first x amount of weight.

You hit in on the head Daisy when you say it is a strange time, even though it is happening fast it seems so slow - if that makes sense? You are right though you have helped me see that when I get to where I want to be I know I will look back and be stunned at the speed of it and a little wobble now about still looking fat in everything I try on really won't matter in the grand scheme of things.

Yoyo - the bag's lovely isn't it. I took a look at it in person yesterday in House of Fraser - there was a slightly bigger one in the same style next to it which I fell in love with even more it's about £30 more though so I might change my target and aim for the bigger one to celebrate getting into the 15's instead lol. I do have a set of before photo's I took myself but I haven't looked at them. I will give some thought to doing another set to compare. Haven't yet in case I don't see much of a change.

I think I will continue in the old baggy stuff like you did Jez till like you it is falling off me lol. Maybe buy a couple of cheap bits when they do. There will be plenty of time to go mad on lovely stuff when I get close to goal hopefully by April. I have this dream of emerging like a butterfly into spring in lovely clothes on my new bod!

All in all feeling far more balanced about all this now girls. Happy to persevere in the unflattering comfy stuff until I come down a few more sizes and feel better about trying on sessions.

Much love and hugs.



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Margaret - our posts crossed. Thankyou, I haven't as I haven't bought clothes anywhere other than online for such a long time - I have this mental block about looking for clothes in physical shops. It is something I will have to try - it might pave the way for me looking in conventional clothes shops later.


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I forgot to mention to you Peony, the nicest part for me of hanging in with the old clothes for as long as possible, was that lots of people did not really notice the weight loss, then all of a sudden when I finally did fit into smaller stuff it was so hugely noticeable that I got the most wonderful positive strokes!!! Really worth all the slogging it out in baggy bits. You are gonna have soooooooooo much fun shopping hun! Give the charity shops a try, it is not nearly as intimidating as going into a "real" shop. Break yourself in gently :)



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Cheers Jez
I will do.
Have a smile on my face thinking of how shocked your friends and colleagues must have been when you must have effectively looked to have lost stones overnight. Love the idea of doing this, will relish my old faithful's as long as I can lol.

I forgot to mention to you Peony, the nicest part for me of hanging in with the old clothes for as long as possible, was that lots of people did not really notice the weight loss, then all of a sudden when I finally did fit into smaller stuff it was so hugely noticeable that I got the most wonderful positive strokes!!! Really worth all the slogging it out in baggy bits. You are gonna have soooooooooo much fun shopping hun! Give the charity shops a try, it is not nearly as intimidating as going into a "real" shop. Break yourself in gently :)

Ooh what a lovely thought! Read this thread and now decided that I will wear my baggys even when i start losing! :)
Hi love

I was a 26/28 when I started. I know going through old clothes can sometimes be stressful, but it shuld be joyful to, as you are rewinding time, and working your way to the real you.

What I did, and it made the process fun and exciting and always something to look forward to, was I made lots of trips to the charity shops - or ebay - somewhere I could get "new" items on the cheap (don't pay full price casue you whiz through them!)....andyway - I always bought a few things in my current size, and then 2 or three outfits in the next two sizes down.

I then set up a "staging" area. Current clothes in the main part of wardrobe - almost ready to fit at the end of the wardrobe, and the stack of 2 size smallers ina bin at the foot of the bed. As the current sizes got to big, the next ones in the wardrobe made there way front and center, and then the pones in the bin were hung for the next pahse.

I tried them on weekly - and shifter things along - it was always fun to see what was in the bin cause you forget what you collect. There was always something new, and it was exciting to see them moving along in the wardrobe, eventuallyinto a bin bag for the charity shops.

Try not to look at your first fat clothes as a sad thing. See them as part of your path, backwards, to where you once were.

Youa re doing fab - and you have great resolve - and there will be bits and bulges along the way - but they will soon go to.

Before you know it - all those old clothes will be gone and your wardrobe will be full of wonderful new slim clothes and you willbe spoilt for choice.

Get rid ofyour 'fat clothes' as you grow out of them - don;t keep thim "in case" as you will never ever need them. Say good bye to them, joyously.

Go for it girl!! You are really doing so well. :)



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I love your fashion conveyor belt system BL lol.
Think I will wait till I have gone down a bit more and when it becomes a necessity as my clothes are falling off I may be seen cruising the charity shops. I am very good at dropping things off at them and then charging out lol!
Wow SB those pictures are amazing!!!
Also BL I cannot believe you were a 26/28 you look amazing.
I am having problems looking at everyones profile pictures it says I do not have permission does anyone have any idea why??:confused:
I think I will be keeping my clothes for as long as poss and I do have lots already that used to fit!
It is the greatest incentive though to be able to go shopping for a new wardrobe.
I think everyone on here have done so well and as a newbie it is nie to see how far everyone has come.
Thanks everyone
Hope this isn't too off topic .... but after reading about BL's clothing system I felt inspired to tackle my many many many wardrobes!

So, I am now the owner of a :
  • "thin" wardrobe which has got all the clothes in that I wore last time I got to goal with LL including my 2 "motivation outfits"
  • "interim" wardrobe which has got stuff which doesn't quite fit now but will be too big by Xmas (if all goes to plan ;)) - bizarrely this has the most stuff in it!
  • "now" wardrobe with all the things that currently fit me - strangely, black seems to be an underlying theme - lol
Plus 3 large bags for the charity shop - bonus.

Do I sound like the worst clothes hoarder in the world ?

If i feel very brave, one day I might give my underwear drawers the same treatment ... :8855:


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