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AAAAHHHHHH, day 5 down the pan!!!

:banghead:AAAAHHHHH, I could beat myself with a bagette!

I had the mother of all cruddy days and binged, I have completely fluffed it up!

I had a huge argument with my mum, lost my debit card, was told I was being sued by the van driver who reversed into my car while it was on my drive for injuries he sustained, even though the butt munch went straight back to work at my neighbours house delivering 3 tons of gravel to him!!! And that was just a few of the things thast went wrong that day!:cry::hitthefan:

So my answer to this stress was to shove tons of crap in my fat usless face, then I was up all night with IBS! Ain't life peachy!!!:eatdrink023:

I am so tempted to do it all again today though and I really don't want to spoil it any more than I have already!

I hate that other people have the power to make me want to eat more than succeed! Why do I let them? :psiholog:

I really need help to keep a rational head today because I am still mega stressed and I am on the verge of falling into failure once again!:gen147:



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OK, Wallop....firstly what is done is done so forget it now..................draw a line under it

Day 1...Try and think of all the reasons you want to lose weight. Write a list, on here you like.
Put it on your fridge.

Stop beating yourself up over it, we are all human and lot of us use food as a emotional crutch (i'm just as guilty).

I try and tell myself not to let the buggers win, I am going to show you all that I am stronger and better than that.

So today is a new day.....stay focused and stick with it, post on here and we can give you all the support you need.

If you want a chat just PM, or I'm on msn.

Good luck hun xx


2nd Time Lucky!
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Awwww wee hunni you have has a hellish day to say the least! :flowers:

I know how hard it is and how stress and events like this drive you to food for comfort, think its cos we are set in our ways and turn to food. In the longrun when we are at target we are gonna have to find another way to relieve the stress other than eating. Gonna have to figure that out....

Anyway im on day 5 like you hun and let me tell you that all those stressful things arent worth you slipping up your diet and getting to your target. Forget it and start again ASAP and get your head on track and your body will follow :)

good luck and let us know how u are xxxx
Thanks sooo much for your support!

Thanks sooo much hedgemag and princess!:thankyou:

I have had a relaxing day so far, avoided all things stressful! Planning a bubble bath in a while! And hope to have a cuddle with my hubby before I have to be off to work!:coffee:

I have had a slight slip up this morning as things were still very raw!:brainfart:

But I am happy to say the world has left me alone for today and given me time to get my head straight again! So now I am feeling much more positive and focused and I feel I have learned by this mistake!

I am looking forward to regaining all of those positive feelings I had, not to mention the energy!:bliss:

I know I can do it, and with help and support from minimins I know that I will find another way to cope with stress other than food, just need a bit of retraining! :character00116:

Thanks for all the support, hope you all have a fantastic week!!! Weigh in Sunday???:angeldevil:


2nd Time Lucky!
S: 17st9lb C: 17st9lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Good on ya hun, most of us slip at one point or another, as long as you learn from it, as you have :D
Good luck for WI sunday, hope its a good loss :scale:

mine isnt til wed, get an extra couple days lol :p

Enjoy the bubble bath, have a nice night xoxo

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