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AAMW Food Ideas Anyone?


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Hi guys

Just a quickie...

I start my first AAMW tomorrow (after WI in morn - will keep you posted!!), and was just wondering what anyones fave meals were when on AAMW?

I know what i'm allowed, but what do you guys actually have? Whats yummy?

And are allowed any seasoning?

Ta muchly!

Lors x
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Hi i'm on my 5th day of aam and my first day i had 100g of cottage cheese on top of diced cucumber,it was filling although not really my taste. Since then i've been having 50g of chicken breast, diced really small,dry fried on top of mixed lettuce and it's lovely. I know thats boring lol but thats what i have. Good luck x x
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Not started AAM, and not for another two weeks, but have been thinking about it and am looking forward to 50g chicken breast, with mushrooms and broccolli........... strange things you crave when you can't have it, eh?????? Don't like cottage cheese so will be giving that one a miss. Will defo be trying fish with something. Have seen people talking about the quorn sausages, are we allowed those on AAM and if so, what do they taste like?
Hi, I found and still find that the food tastes better than it did, try it 'nakid' and get the taste, I'm just finishing my third aamw and had fish with grated brussel sprouts tonight yummy. I find that I'm not hungry to start with so it's just a nice experiment with tastes, have a go at everything. I use some fresh basil when poaching my fish in water, but sometimes just go with nothing, I'm enjoying that I can eat these things without sauces or grated cheese over everything. Congrats in getting this far, you've done fantastic. xx
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well I just had my first AAM. I stuffed a chicken breast with cottage cheese mixed with spinich and a bit of bal vin and some salad leaves on the side.

It wasnt too bad I've never had cottage cheese before and it's actually quite nice.

I'm hungry though grr:cry:
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i just had my first AAM tonight...not ment to start until wednesday but thought since the new 'rules' on ssing are coming thought i would combat my fear of starting to eat again. So i had 3oz cottage cheese with few slices of cucumber and some mixed lettuce......divine!! now its just waiting to see what the scales start saying at weigh in on wednesday!! i know that eating the amount of calories i am eating at present compared to what i used to eat is a million times lower....but my brain is currently telling me that regardless of what i eat is going to turn into lard and head straight to my bulging tummy!! i hope im proven wrong!!
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Cottage cheese is 'lumpy' but soft and has a fresh, 'clean' taste ... slightly creamy but less so in the very low fat versions.

When I'm not on a diet, I like it with a bit of dried fruit / seeds and a spoon of cranberry sauce on top (I know - 'unusual' but I love it). I think cottage cheese is a bit like Marmite - you either love it or hate it.:)
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Yes,I rediscovered cottage cheese on my aamw.I had it with lettuce.Also had cod with mushrooms and chicken another day.
I also thought the weight would go on!But I lost 6lbs,so you still lose really well

I'm not doing AAM week yet, but I adore mushrooms. Can anyone tell me what you do with them whilst on AAM, do you have them raw, or if not how do you cook them without any butter, oil etc? Also what do you have them with, I could do with some suggestions please :D

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